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New Social Capabilities. Yammer is a social network for the business. It allows users to communicate from where they will work and collaborate with the complete organization and even people outside the organization. MarketingPilot is a whole Marketing Management solution that will be integrated with CRM 2013 fully. NetBreeze gives companies the capability to monitor the social sentiment over an array of social channels. It allows organizations to investigate and work on social intelligence.

Debit cards have made banking a easier process for many people. In the future transactions will continue to move from cash and check. Debit cards may be left behind as well as banks move to using one card that you can easily scan at a number of locations. This will speed up transactions as well as practically eliminate the need for cash in the future. Over time the past history of debit cards may be one step to moving to a completely cashless system.

I gained experience in handling dive resort functions overseas before coming back to Perth, my home city to work in a city-based dive centre. I needed a multitude of strategies and suggestions to recruit and keep divers – roughly I thought. I learned pretty quickly what worked at a dive resort didn’t work nearly as well in a dive centre. That was not to say I didn’t keep attempting so it could be argued I didn’t learn everything quickly.

Back in those days, I put no formal business and management training and discovered from untrained peers who had been experimenting exactly like me. What we should lacked in experience, we made up for with excitement certainly. It was a very practical approach, we’d the most successful dive procedure in town so what we were doing was done well, we’d a person based approach.

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Decision-making may be simply broken down into programmed and unprogrammed decisions; that is dealing with familiar and new problems. Programmed decision-making is easy, it is repeating previous successful examples, the development of unique methods to complex problems is far more difficult – this is also true when you yourself have a vested financial interest.

This was where my decision-making broke down at the time, I was unfamiliar with formalised decision-making models although I was open to recommendation. My previous work saw me making high value decisions in large companies at an functional level, this is different as I used to be executing diagnostic and trouble-shooting decisions based on proven executive concepts.

I am someone who utilises models, programs and matrix; I am an extremely extremely process driven person that detests fumbling my way through to a shakey solution. That is why in successful dive locations, inexperienced dive operators immediately engage in a price war under-cutting each other. They fail to calculate their costs and have no basic idea what their break-even point is, they engage in a downward spiral of pricing their products and services below their competition until many people are losing money. I marvel at the stupidity of such strategies sometimes, the consumer doesn’t always advantage as equipment and services are run-down, poor maintenance and an over-all lack of protection tarnish the industry.

So what’s the answer then? The dive training firms need to offer greater training opportunities predicated on the business enterprise of diving, many tertiary institutions offer tourism and hospitality courses. The problem comes from the issue that the low wage environment of the recreational dive industry generally attracts lifestyle based employees on mimimum wage.