10 Things Effective Leaders Do To Motivate Employees

10 Things Effective Leaders Do To Motivate Employees 1

You have a supervisor who thinks she (or he) is a superb leader. In fact this manager has been pressuring you for an increased performance ranking in the area of “leadership qualities.” So far, you have resisted. This supervisor does a good job of coordinating, controlling, and directing projects. But she (or he) falls really brief as it pertains to motivating, developing, and stimulating employees. Important thing, this manager is excellent at getting the job done; but is not so great at creating a positive workplace, demonstrating concern for employees’ personal interests, or highlighting positive achievements.

Beyond your “feelings,” about management, what specific “leadership characteristics” would you use to evaluate and discuss performance with this manager? Your goal in speaking with this supervisor is to emphasize the worthiness of keeping employees feeling committed to carrying out a great job. Concentrating on tasks is important, but “employees” accomplish duties. So effective market leaders pay attention to the needs and concerns of employees. They engage them, involve them, and talk to them. Tell this to your manager (who professes to be an effective leader) next time you have a disagreement about command qualities. And remember to describe HOW these characteristics impact employees: they keep employees doing congrats.

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