‘Heaviest Woman In The World’ Tipped The Scales At 677lbs

'Heaviest Woman In The World' Tipped The Scales At 677lbs 1

Desperate for a ‘normal life’, she moved from California to Houston to talk with Dr Younan Nowzaradan, celebrity of the hit TLC actuality show My 600lb Life. Ms Potter, who is in her early fifties, managed to slim down to 249lbs (112kg) after bariatric surgery. However, her weight experienced crept support to 292lbs (132kg) when she appeared on the follow-up show My 600lb Life: Where Are They Now?

Despite undergoing bariatric surgery, Ms Potter continuing to overindulge in fatty foods, which she called the ‘focus on’ of her day. She began overeating began as a young child when her parents divorced. Able to move Barely, she relied on her son Dillon to cook for her and clean the home, Distractify reported.

Ms Potter previously called food the ‘spotlight’ of her day. Her overeating reportedly began as a child when her parents divorced and her stay-at-home mother was barely in a position to afford food. Share 310 shares When her parents reunited and money became less of a concern, Ms Potter ‘overdid it’. Ms Potter strike the 500lb (226kg) tag at 29, yr she gave delivery to her kid the same.

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Not long after Ms Potter met Dr Nowzaradan, the physician dumped her from his weight-loss programme when she refused to get out of bed after undergoing bariatric surgery. The medic warned this was putting her vulnerable to a blood clot, but Ms Potter insisted a muscle have been pulled by her in her tummy, which made it unpleasant to move too.

You are making excuses that are not appropriate,’ Dr Nowzaradan said. Mr Potter, who claims to have tried 30 diets, was eventually compelled to endure another high-risk surgery to place a blood-clot filter into her knee. Ms Potter was dumped from the ‘My 600lb Life’ weight-loss programme when she refused to get out of bed pursuing bariatric surgery. Pictured at her most obese, Ms Potter was called the heaviest female alive in the Guinness Book of Records. She was eventually allowed to rejoin the weight-loss programme when she lost 148lbs (67kg) twelve months after the operation.

After several months in hospital, Ms Potter was discharged eventually. She then rejoined the show after she lost 148lbs (67kg) a year on from the operation. Although happy with her weight loss, Ms Potter complained of constant knee pain and repeatedly requested medication to numb her discomfort. She then lost 50lbs (22kg) when ‘popping painkillers’ left her struggling to keep food down.

Things took a dramatic change for the worse when Ms Potter was rushed to medical center with sepsis. Doctors stated her ‘habit’ to painkillers had triggered an ulcer to burst into her blood stream, triggering sepsis. After getting the ulcer removed and overcoming the health scare, Ms Potter managed to continue with the weight-loss programme. Able to walk Barely, Ms Potter relied on her son Dillon to do virtually everything for her while she was at her heaviest.

Although trimmer, Ms Potter struggled to walk due to the strain her unwanted folds of skin were gaining her body. At this point, it’s the best obstacle I’ve for walking,’ she said. After having the epidermis removed, Ms Potter’s weight transpired to 249lbs. Despite her continuing leg pain, things up appeared to be looking.