Positivity, Productivity. Authentic Living & Abundant Giving!

Positivity, Productivity. Authentic Living & Abundant Giving! 1

Courage will come in many forms. You don’t have to be a officer, firefighter, or a life-saving superhero to be fearless. I’m sure you’ve already noticed the saying about how “courage is not the lack of fear, but bravery in the true face of dread,” so I won’t bother duplicating that for you now.

Another thing that requires courage is changing your life. You’re reading this article, so clearly you must be thinking about amping up the awesomeness of your presence. I believe this is easier said than done. 1, Positivity), helps us acknowledge what is right with our lives, of what’s wrong with it instead.

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But it often will take real courage to confess the truth. You will find things about everyone’s lives that just simple suck. For a few momemts, I want you to get real about those areas. Many people’s lists revolve around things such as money, relationships with other people, health, or their jobs. Some people spend their entire lives complaining about these four things.

There’s always going to be something you can’t fix or change, such as a debilitating illness, or the necessity to pay your bills. But there are actions you can take to change your life. This also makes me a lot more flexible about other things. I have to spend a lot of time indoors because sunlight is not my pal.

And yes — it sucks not being able to go directly to the beach and swim around, it sucks never to be able to just shop or out for espresso with my friends anytime I want. Lengthy street vacations also suck, because I’m fundamentally held hostage by sunlight. There is no use complaining about it; I simply offer with it. But as I deal with it, I also make changes to my entire life so that I can enjoy what is available to me. Since I spend plenty of your time indoors, I make the most of my time. Change. Grow. Find exciting and pleasurable what to fill up the holes. It’s fine to look over the positive lens, but sometimes additionally you need to get more for yourself actively.

If you’re uncertain whether you can deduct a certain type of insurance, and that deduction can be an important factor in your decision, please speak with a taxes professional first and save any unnecessary expenditures. 29. Home Renovations and Insurance. Did you take a deduction for a true home office already?

If so, business expenses related to any renovations compared to that part of your house are also deductible, therefore is the percentage of your homeowner’s insurance that covers that part of your house. Remember, all small business deductions related to home offices only apply if you are using part of your house solely for business. The IRS distinguishes between tools and equipment.