Bitcoin Cash Aka BCH Is ON Coinbase Now

UPDATE: As of today, 12/22/2017 – Coinbase has solved its Bitcoin Cash (BCH) freeze, and buys are actually available again! Well, if you celebrate the holidays – there’s a fresh present waiting for most of us! Cryptocurrency investors who use the platform Coinbase will be able to purchase Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on their site now. The business enterprise recently added Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum Coin (ETH) to their cryptocurrencies -which had already included Bitcoin (BTC).

At as soon as, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) investments have been postponed on Coinbase’s site. No-one that has bought BCH must have any serious problems already, but investments of the currency is briefly ended. Hopefully, any issues or concerns from Coinbase will be addressed very; Coinbase has a brief history of very solving such concerns.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is set by tomorrow. What’s Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a favorite cryptocurrency. It is not the same thing as Bitcoin (BTC). Its name makes it very easy to confuse both, and it is worthy to notice that we should all be careful of titles whenever we invest in anything; we need to know exactly what we are buying. One Bitcoin Cash is equal to 3 roughly,000 USA Dollars (USD). To amount that up real quick: 1 BCH ≈ 3,000 USD! In fact, at the moment one BCH is worth more than 3 slightly,000 USD. Readers should note that cryptocurrencies are known for their fast changing values.

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The value of 1 BCH has jumped up over 150% in value since last month by itself! One year ago, one BCH was worthy of less than 500 USD. Now, visitors should be warned which i am not a psychic also; I do not know if the value of such cash shall continue steadily to rise. It will also be mentioned that brokers and banks have been known to go out of business, and I am going to not be responsible for anyone’s investment choices.

I simply want people to know some of the facts regarding these coins. I cannot state with complete certainty what the near future shall keep. However, I could mention what has happened to me before. Since November fifth, I have invested in LTC, BTC, and ETH. Since that time, my investments have more than tripled in value!

Of course, area of the good reason because of this could be lucky/strategic timing. I really do not foresee these noted currencies going down in value any time in the future. Still, there is a lot of talk floating around the internet of cryptocurrencies being bubbles. Some people believe that BTC and other currencies will go away eventually.

Others have thought that it could go down tremendously in value. Though I do not feel these exact things will happen Even, I have to admit the possibilities. Nobody should ever make investments money that they do not have – Personally i think that thinking about investments as a purchase and not a definite income is what separates the clients from the gamblers. In other words; treat trading like other things – do not buy something which you cannot afford. For those of my readers with less time, here is a very good summary. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently available for trading on Coinbase. BCH coins have been increasing in value. BCH investments are momentarily frozen as of this moment.

BCH may not be around permanently, so purchase things that you cannot afford never. What DO YOU CONSIDER? Is BCH a bubble? Will BCH go or down in value up? Do you prefer that Coinbase has added BCH? Are cryptocurrencies bubbles? Will BCH be one of the currencies into the future? Are agents like Coinbase laying the building blocks of a newsuccessful stock market? Please tell me all your thoughts in the feedback! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

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