2:1 Sugar Water Or 1:1?

At that time, you’ll be on the show with us and that means you can ask your questions. Which means you don’t have to worry about keeping your kids or dogs quiet. 8 on your mobile phone and that allows us to unmute you so you can ask your question. Call in around 10 minutes to broadcast prior, at 1:30 p.m. Set your alarm and your smart phones. If you missed us live, listen to the recorded event on iTunes by hitting here. When Is It Too Cold To Open A Hive? 60 degrees (f). You can replace winter-bee-kind candy planks at any temp, as long as you can close your hive regress to something easier within just a few minutes.

But NEVER remove structures if the heat is below 60 levels (f). Winter-Bee-Kinds allow for an upper entry that helps bees in the winter really. Have a look at this popular winter feeding system by clicking here. We aren’t sold-out yet! 2:1 Sugar Water Or 1:1? It would be nice not to have to give food to bees sugar water. But, the reality is we do. Before it gets really chilly and if bees can still travel, than cluster rather, you can feed liquid sugars drinking water still.

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I do not use 2:1 frequently. Instead I give food to 1:1 in the fall to build up my brood of winter bees. Then I feed my winter-bee-kind chocolate planks all winter. If the weather cooperates try and give food to liquid as as you can before it finally transforms to chilly long. Change to candy planks Then! Where does the time go! Our great customers have allowed us the enjoyable chance to raise us from bees. We realize you have lots of options concerning where to buy your hives, bees and queens. But please keep us in mind. Our country was founded on the hard work of small family business. Your support is appreciated. Thank you for your curiosity about honey bees. We are to help here.

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