What Is An Investment Thesis?

How does the offering company participate in the buyer? Can it add additional services that may be cross-sold, provide physical footprint expansion or supply a fresh technology? What type of growth opportunities (new services, additional sales to existing customers) exist post-acquisition? The type of synergies can be produced from the purchase? How will the management team be organised post-transaction? What is the historical and projected financial performance of the selling company, and how will it measure up against the buyer-expected comes back and margins? What potential risks exist and what action plan needs to be in spot to mitigate these risks? What’s the anticipated internal rate of return (IRR) on the investment and the exit strategy?

A smart vendor will stick out by getting prior to the process and articulating the investment thesis for the customer. This can be done by showing the near future strategy of the company, and how it programs to grow and diversify its products and services. It shows potential buyers that the ongoing company understands how to create high earnings because of its shareholders.

Premium service is about 150 per 12 months but not essential for basic research. Zacks – Zacks is an excellent resource for profits information. Zacks Rates derive from profits seriously. Premium service for Zacks is also around 150 per year however, not necessary for preliminary research. CEF Connect – One of the best sites for detailed research of Closed End Funds. Don’t skip the education center on this site if you aren’t sure what a CEF is basically because these funds aren’t analyzed in the same manner as regular stocks and shares.

FinViz – A very good free stock screener. This web site has good information on insider trading also. This is a free forum that is active and seeking to increase participation to make it relevant. They come with an scholarly education section in addition to the discussion board that helps point investors in the right direction. They aren’t trying to market or sell you anything.

They likewise have a chat area that permits voice and text chats to provide some real time interaction. I recommend this site for a valuable social source remember it isn’t a substitute for doing your own homework on stock buys. But, it’s rather a way to obtain information (positive or negative) by bringing up things that may not have resulted in in your research. American Association of Individual Investors – I would recommend membership to this mixed group if you are an individual trader. If for no other reason than to access the various screens they have setup to get solid suggestions for even more research.

49 per season. You get added access to tools and spreadsheets in the improved membership. Business Finance Online – This web site can be an interesting learning site in finding out how to measure the financial condition of a company and spotting value. Most of the things on this website can be acquired at online estimate sites but this can help break down how they are computed plus involve some info that cannot be obtained unless you calculate yourself. Information and calculator web pages are simply just good and the site is free, no advertising and no registration required.

Ordinary long maturity authorities bonds might have a much better payoff – A couple of equally secure government bonds paying higher rates of interest but they are not inflation-adjusted. If inflation is low, below about 2.2% per calendar year, such bonds shall give a much better return than RRBs. Above that inflation rate, RRBs win.

How much you don’t want to worry about inflation is an integral question with RRBs. The unique combination of features possessed by RRBs makes them very worth factor in a retiree’s collection. Disclaimer: this post is my opinion only and should not be construed as investment advice. Readers must be aware that the above mentioned comparisons are not an investment suggestion. They rest on other sources, whose accuracy is not guaranteed and the article might not interpret such results correctly. Do your homework prior to making any decisions and consider consulting with a professional advisor.

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