My Question IS APPROXIMATELY Charter Schools

At the young democrat’s school board community forum I asked a question about charter academic institutions. Here it is verbatim. I know because it was experienced by me on paper. My question is about charter schools, local writer Julie Delagul just did a piece about how as an organization charter schools in Jacksonville perform worse than their public school counterparts.

Samuel Hall said he hadn’t and wouldn’t because he didn’t desire to be beholden to anybody. Shannon Russell echoed his sentiment. Darryl Willie on the other hands had an extremely different answer. Initially he went on about choice and how our local open public universities weren’t doing perfectly, totally ignoring the quantity of charter schools that have failed and the fact that in Jacksonville they are under attaining.

He then informed the masses that he had taken money from people associated with charter institutions but that wouldn’t stop him from voting on issues that might impact them. Isn’t that one of the fights we are experiencing right now, one of the concerns? I think the proliferation of money from the wealthy or business interests in politics, using money to sway insurance policies that benefit them is of great concern to me and ideally you too.

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This is my thing, love charter institutions, support charter colleges, write tracks about and have parades for charter institutions, heck take their money too if you want but recuse yourself from votes that would benefit them then. If they’re worthy then six other members can vote aye and take up your slack. If not, not only perhaps you have just been bought and covered nevertheless, you have sold-out your community as well.

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