Chilling Skincare Products Is Trending But WILL IT Make A Difference?

YouTube influencer Safiya Nygaard has sparked a Twitter frenzy by sharing an image of her recently obtained beauty fridge, admitting that she uses the mini chiller exclusively on her behalf skincare. The social media personality, from LA, who boasts about 415,000 followers on Twitter alone, shared pictures of her latest acquisition and asked ‘I just bought a skincare fridge, have I much eliminated too?

For the uninitiated, a skincare fridge or beauty fridge is a mini-fridge used for skincare products solely, as supporters believe colder creams may take years off that person by reducing puffiness. While the work of popping some beauty products in the fridge is not new – ask your grandmothers – some seemed both amazed and impressed, by Nygaard’s purchase.

There’s a skincare fridge? The limit does not exist,’ joked another, with a mention of 2004 strike movie Mean Girls. I simply put my products in your kitchen fridge in the salad drawer,’ said another user. Frogmore Cottageā€™s first visitor? I feel nothing but PRIDE for how extra I am,’ commented one about their own mini Redbull fridge changed into a beauty fridge complete with a brush-holder. In newer years, beauty brands have been marketing mini-fridges that could previously have been used for drinks and snacks as solely for skincare. But does maintaining your product chill make an actual difference in how the products work?

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Much like people will appreciate a chilly drink through the summer, cold skincare can feel very nice on the skin during a heatwave and can protect products such as lipsticks from melting when temps rise. Keeping them chilled has other advantages. In 2017, Dr Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and medical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City told Allure that: ‘refrigerating products will help expand their shelf life,’ however, he said it was not always needed. Dr Preema from the London Clinic told Virgin Media in 2018 that refrigeration best applied to products that were gel-based or to masks, as it would assist with puffiness and redness. They’re no evidence that the fridge can make your products work faster or better, however.

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