15.00 At The Hinged Door

Come sign up for me for food, fun, freebies and crafting, as we kick off my new community art work project, THE Me Project. 15.00 at the hinged door. It’s gonna be fun! THE Me Project is focused on you. This community based mostly craft task is a occasion of your glorious one-and-only-self. To become very you is to be unapologetic about who you are in a society that insists on telling us overtly and subliminally to hate many things about ourselves. November 20th On , I start the task with a Self-Love Journal Making Workshop at Revolutionary Grounds and I hope you’ll become a member of me for a wonderful gathering of fun, food, freebies and awesome vibes!

Take this wee questionnaire to see if you’re a club member. Do you have family members who show great intolerance and view around your personality and your way of being? Is there people in your daily life who are pointing out how different you are from them always? Have you any idea people who talk about your personality in your face, in front of others and behind your back?

Are you foolish and serious people are placed off by that? Currently around people who act like your way of being is incorrect and their way to be is right? Currently a woman who prefers to rock boys’ clothing and people have intolerance around it? Have you been a young man who loves to wear toe nail polish and makeup and you have haters because from it? If you solved yes to the above questions (from a list which could continue and on), then you are part of The Very Me Project community. Come join us November 20th to chill and also have fun in an intolerance-free zone.

Seriously, no brows and Sharpie brows are some of both biggest face-fears I haaaaave! Each one would be awful, awful. I came across this image in a Google seek out “no eyebrows”. Obviously, Google image look lies. For comparison purposes, Whoopi Goldberg and her invisibrows. So that my fun can expand significantly beyond my very own answers of the foolish questions, please do that label as well! I tag every one of the watchers of my readers and video tutorial of my blog. Leave a comment with the hyperlink below and I’ll pop over and read/watch yours too. I’m not sure why that needed an bad laugh. Anyway, You are hoped by me liked seeing! As I said in my own last post, please still let me know very well what drugstore makeup advice you have because I want to do a drugstore look/review soon. D Until the next time!

  • “Friendship is the sole cement that will ever before contain the world along.”
  • 1 fl oz / 30 ml per container
  • Project #ShowUs
  • You could easily get pink vision
  • Vomiting and belly upsets
  • Remove the mask, and allow skin absorb the rest of the essence by carefully patting the epidermis

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