Random Things In IT

If you have ever dealt with a corrupted hard drive you have come across this issue. You are trying to move files from the old/corrupted hard drive and when you are copying you strike a bad document. The copy job stops departing you at a loss for what has copied and what hasn’t.

I have spend many one hour digging through file lists making sure I copied everything I was able to. Well I had that very same problem today and I determined that someone out there must have solved this problem. Y-Copy is a superb free program that will continue steadily to copy files even if you have failed. It continues a log of documents which have failed which means you can let the user know very well what just didn’t make it from the drive. Note: I first found another software that was supposed to do the same thing.

It was actually part of the PC Repair System USB Key (That I had written about before). Encopy is an excellent app, but I didn’t like the interface or the usability in so far as i did Y-Copy. A couple of a lot more features in Encopy so if you find Y-Copy lacking in options check it out.

There were other people who didn’t always find a way through like we do. Via situations where I understood struggle I wanted to discover a way through my work to help those in similar situations. That’s after i decided I wanted to provide back a few of the amount of money I made but I understood I couldn’t do it alone therefore i presented this idea to some of my friends. Through them I produced a team and we became The Cause International. I had been helped by them plan and find out what would have to be done to giveback.

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3,000 from it to retrofit a Boy’s and Girl’s Club. I met a little girl there who hugged me and said “Many thanks for giving me my first Christmas”. The sensation of assisting those around you is unexplainable and the greatest praise you could get. I understood what I wanted to do. I’m going to make an outfits brand that runs on the percentage of its profits to give back.

After that, I doubted what I wanted to do again never. We really didn’t have a “Design Process” at the time. At that time I hadn’t started my streetwear collection yet so none of them of the designs were mine but more the logos of schools or businesses that I was doing clothing for.

Our first product was design was for my college or university, where everything started. For the look of the sock we used our school’s nickname, “Johnnies”, in a font we thought fit well with this name. We ordered our first batch through pre-orders. We do this because I at the time didn’t have the funds to front and was only able to pay for the product if the amount of money was given to me beforehand. Today I thankfully had a friend referred me to the manufacturer I used and still use. I didn’t have a lot of challenging finding him because of this. Because everyone paid me in advance for their purchases there is no start of costs at that time.

Until I filed for my LLC later on. Which even then wasn’t a lot of an expense for me personally because I did so it through at program within my college called Escholars that helped me tremendously. 150, therefore i would consider myself blessed at the time quite. My school helped me a lot through the process of my starting my company because they supported my vision behind it.

IT WAS BUT STILL IS HARD, but we’d to persevere and continue steadily to work out how to grow. We didn’t genuinely have an online business, to be honest we didn’t gain an internet presence until around this past year! I created our website myself which launched last year. We remain racking your brains on the exact look we wish our website to have (please don’t judge). Our website continues to be under building currently! And we are creating a new one, with an all new design to it these days! We didn’t remove financing or anything of this nature to begin the business.

That may be why we remain where we are, because we are working from the ground up actually. We didn’t use capital, investors, loans. Just a group of university kids using what was around them to figure it out. This year Truthfully we started viewing customers! Between printing for organizations and our actual streetwear brand traffic has found within days gone by year. There is a sluggish period where our team has a complete had not been doing much to develop our brand because we were all in school seeking to balance everything.