My Fitness Class

Packed with features. Full course management. Organised member information. Electronic registration system. Manage all your fitness classes in a single place. Access your course information via the trainer dashboard (link) and also download the iOS or Android app to control your class on the go, with online and offline support. All your individuals details are preserved in one place safely. Store basic information such as name, email, contact number, along with a variety of custom questions you require in your health insurance and safety obligations. Import all your existing customer data straight into your account using our importer. Download the template Simply .csv document from your dashboard, fill up with your individuals, upload, job done.

They may then be utilized to sign into your registers. Create schedules specific for your classes. From the week Create one-off schedules or repeating times for just about any selected days. Individual dates may then be edited/removed as necessary. Add/change dates whenever if your schedule changes. Participants can book onto your class in advance of turning up.

Choose whether to simply accept payments online, or offline when they appear, or allow both scenarios. All bookings are automatically synchronised to the register ready for sign in when the participant comes in class. Class registers are completely digital, you don’t need to print or export. Registers are created automatically for each date based on your class schedule. Simply load up the register on your tablet and sign people in as they walk into class.

See all your revenue for a particular course register or for all those class registers for just about any given time period. Handy for when it comes time to manage your business accounting. Create course discount rates and passes unique for you. Allow participants to buy class passes as they arrive to your class upon register, or when they book beforehand online.

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Expiry times and number of uses can be established, and our software will manage these each time someone signs in using a class pass. We realize that you’re not always able to hook up to the internet, so we’ve designed our iOS and Android apps to work without it! So once you sign people into a class register, or create a fresh member we will automatically upload this data when these devices next connects to the internet.

Both the participant and instructor receive booking verification emails when a booking is established. In the event a booking must be cancelled, then cancellation email messages will also be delivered. We hope you enjoy using My Fitness Class. If a suggestion is had by you for an attribute you would like to see, or have a problem, please get in touch with us and let us know via chat, email, facebook, or instagram.