Although I Must Decline Your Invitation

As you move through your professional profession, you will obtain requests for mementos and contributions. You won’t have the ability to honor all the requests you receive and can sometimes refuse requests. When refusing a demand, first take into account the receiver, and then determine the strategy for your message. As you undertake your professional career, you will receive requests for favors and contributions. You won’t be able to honor all the demands you receive and will sometimes refuse demands. When refusing a request, first think about the receiver, and then determine the approach for your message.

When refusing typical requests,concentrate on explanations and praise . When composing a refusal message, focus on clear explanations and compliment than refusals and apologies rather. Do not avoid praise or explanations since explanations will help your reader understand your reasoning and praise may build goodwill. Usually do not apologize or highlight the refusal. Consider the next scenario and refusal message, and then answer the questions. Teresa are the owners of a small chain of coffee shops, WhichBrew Coffee Company. She was lately invited to an area business luncheon hosted by the mayor of the town but will never be able to attend the function. Your hard work during your last 3 years in office has made a difference.

The downtown beautification task is a colorful success. The addition of potted vegetation, flower beds, and window boxes makes our city a pleasant spot to be. Thank you for playing a key role in creating a pleasurable destination for downtown visitors and shoppers. Receiving an invitation to your downtown business luncheon the following month was a privilege.

Although I have to decrease your invitation, it is for a reason I am sure you can appreciate. WhichBrew is getting ready to open a small chain of bakeries called WhatDough. The grand starting of our first WhatDough bakery is on a single day as your business luncheon. Since I would like to have the opportunity to visit with you, may I invite one to cut the ribbon at the grand opening of our second WhatDough location? Week of August I am targeting the second, but I am going to call to verify the time and date. WhatDough and WhichBrew are successful projects because of your efforts to revitalize downtown. The customers who come into our stores are friendly and value this community.

Please i want to know if I can be of any assistance to you or to the city in the future. Week regarding the date and time of our grand opening ceremony I will contact you next. Which refusal technique can be used in the closing of this message successfully? Maintain an optimistic tone in your closing giving sincere compliments and by offering assistance.

Do not end an invitation refusal by discouraging future correspondence or apologizing. When sending a refusal for an invitation, it’s important to maintain goodwill to aid future associations. What does the writer of this message do to keep up goodwill? This message works to protect the relationship between the mayor and writer and to maintain goodwill by offering an alternative solution time to visit: the grand opening of the second WhatDough location. The message declines the invitation and does not promote WhichBrew coffee clearly.

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We can not all be blessed with the talents of Nostradamus but outfitted with the proper tools we can travel into the future with a proper crafted eyesight and plan. Regardless of how exactly we factor them in, the earlier we take action the better. Visions, Vision Statements, Long Range Strategic Plans are ethereal, living, changing ideologies by virtue of these features; these visionary claims and strategic plans must be up to date on regular basis.

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