THE VERY BEST Fitness Trackers For Your Android Device

Looking to buy a wearable to adorn your wrist with? The first question that comes to mind is whether you should get a smartwatch or a fitness tracker? Well, the answer depends upon what the device is expected by you to do. A smartwatch makes it easier to respond to emails, texts, and calls and find out social media notifications.

On the other hand, fitness trackers have traditionally centered on health insurance and activity monitoring, such as how many steps you’ve taken during the day. However in 2018, the line dividing smartwatches and fitness trackers has blurred considerably. Today you can buy a fitness tracker that provides notifications to your wrist or a smartwatch that can measure your heartrate.

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However, if you’re looking for something that appears similar to a bracelet when compared to a watch, then you’ll probably have to visit with a fitness tracker. Another here’s another major advantage to consider for those pondering the dilemma: fitness trackers are a lot more affordable than smartwatches. For the purpose of this article, we gathered up some of the best fitness trackers in the marketplace today.

The products you’re going to find in this list offer advanced fitness monitoring capabilities, but also borrow some smartwatch capabilities. Despite not sporting a pretty standard design, the Garmin Vivosport carries a color display, GPS and it is water-resistant also. Even so, the wearable will not track swimming sessions like the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro. Around the bright side, the Vivosport is great for tracking other kinds of workouts such as cycling or jogging. The product also includes an all-day stress tracking tool which helps you monitor your body’s response to various stressors.

The electric battery powering Garmin’s fitness tracker is reported to be able to provide a battery life as high as 7 days. The smart tracker relays smartphone notifications to your wrist also. The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro benefits from a great design which looks great on the wearer’s wrist. It comes with a 1.5-inch AMOLED screen which allows obviously users to see their stats. It includes a GPS and a heart rate sensor and may be used to track your swimming sessions too (yes, it’s waterproof!) The Fit 2 Pro also emulates a smartwatch in several areas.

For example, it shows notifications (in a separate area on the left of the watch face) and allows users to interact with them (reply to a text message). Other features include a decent battery life (up to three days) and offline Spotify support. Can’t have a summary of fitness trackers without mentioning Fitbit, can we? The Charge 2 includes a sleek display for instantly information and can connect with the GPS on your phone (no GPS on board).