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DIRECTIONS: Wear suited gloves during processing, application form and rinsing of the merchandise. Mix 1 part RUSK Deepshine Demi with 1 and 1/2 parts RUSK Balancing Lotion in a non-metallic bowl. Processing time: 20-30 minutes on natural locks; 10-20 minutes on color-treated mane; 10-15 minutes to non-bleached or highlighted mane; 10-15 minutes for repigmentation.

When the handling time is complete, rinse, condition and shampoo. CAUTION: Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use with customer who is pregnant, or who have any condition. Conduct interview with purchaser before request of product to examine possible allergies or medical conditions. This product may cause serious respiratory irritations and/or allergies in delicate individuals.

Avoid connection with eyes and pores and skin (apart from areas of application form). If contact occurs, immediately flush with lukewarm water and seek medical assistance if irritation occurs. If customer wears contacts they must be removed before rinsing eye with water. Usually do not breathe in or ingest. Prepare and used well-ventilated area.

If influenced by inhalations, move to oxygen. If symptoms persist, seek medical assistance. If swallowed, call a physician, clinic emergency poison or room control facility immediately. Get prompt medical attention. Induce vomiting only when recommended by medical staff. Use only as aimed. Allergy test is supposed to identify skin area reaction only; won’t always anticipate sensitization or discomfort caused by inhalation. WARNING: Usually do not point either end of tube towards the facial skin while opening or using. Do not press or put pipe under great pressure until you have pierced the pipe starting completely. Use care in dealing with tube contents. Contact between articles and view may cause blindness.

I’m heading to speak you through each individual pan and let you know my thoughts on it. I’m actually heading to get started on with shade 4 4. As you can plainly see it’s such as a mixture of color 1 & 2. It isn’t really a focus on and it’s not really a contour.

  1. Medium – high coverage
  2. Post- Wax Creme
  3. Complete Me
  4. 2 Ease your stress
  6. Flowering Quince
  7. Organic claims: The USDA regulates the utilization of the term “organic” on ingredient brands
  8. I seldom use african american shadows

However if you have a darker skin tone it actually is a lovely high light. So girls, I do my eyebrows, my eye makeup and then my foundation, concealer and cream contour. A whole lot of product I know but that’s just me. I would use hue 4 as a basic foundation on your own so you can apply this all over your face as your platform.

I would also utilize this to clean up any contour creases that I created with shade 2. It will all be more clear in my own next post which will be a demo of the. If you’re going to utilize color 4 as your groundwork then you will need to prep the skin.

This is a cream product so it’s extremely thick and has now oils in it. If you have oily skin area you will need to prep and top rated your face. I would suggest by using a mattifying primer. You then need to set that cream in place before it goes all oily. I would suggest utilizing a loose powder, I personally use baby powder to set my makeup.