In Its Most Profound Sense

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There are rocks on the remaining side, but other than that, the region is danger free relatively. When your surfing in many of these spots, you might encounter more than a few locals. Respect these gals and women, because, most likely, you are going to need there help. Especially in a few of the more difficult areas it’s motivated to ask a local to be your guide and show you where in fact the best breaks are, how to prevent the rocks, ect. Each place has a different story and the faster you understand, the quicker you can ride it.

Also respect Aruba. Don’t litter on the land, or destroy anything natural. A number of the surfing areas in Aruba are dangerous. You will find sharks, urchins, razor-sharp rocks, and painful coral. Know your ability and what your capable of. There’s no point in heading to a spot you understand you can’t manage and getting yourself into trouble. Also called the Caves, this spot is perfect for pro surfers only. Impossible to paddle out to, you need to get there by motorboat. During hurricane season the waves are certain to get to 20 foot up. It’s mighty. It’s dangerous.

It’s breathtaking. Use a mixed group, because this place almost always dead quiet. Almost abandoned during the week, Boca Druif is perfect for experienced surfers only. On good days, Boca Druif is known for world class waves, and even normally days the spot provides some fun and good action. A sharp and jagged reef give some danger, but if you surf aware, and know your skill, it can be avoided.

The spot to be if you want shallow reef breaks and big, powerful waves. One of the most picturesque of surfing areas on Aruba. Busy Rarely, even on weekends, Dooms – also called ‘Spot’ – is a vintage surfing spot. You have to paddle over some shallow reef, but once you do, you’re confronted with an epic and huge view. Behind you is wide beach, with a tough coastline, and rustic lighthouse; in front of you the constant blue.

Swells can get up to 7 or 8 ft if your lucky. Dangerous though – sea urchins, rips and undertow, and rocks rule the region. One of the better known spots on Aruba, Dos Playas is situated on the nature reserve. The waves are beach break here, with little stones or reef in the region.

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The waves break left and right, offering a few of the most consistent browsing on the island. Never busy during the week, but on weekends filled with body and surfers boarders. Known as the accepted place where you WILL break your board, so bring a couple of extra. A sandy bottom level plus some big, powerful waves.

That’s what Manchebo Beach is whens it’s on – the best beach break spot on Aruba. The waves here aren’t very consistent though, and that means you have to accordingly plan your trip. Several buoys and other man made objects float in the ocean, giving you some unneeded trouble, but other than that the certain area is clean.

One of the very most dangerous spots on Aruba, but is also one of the most rewarding. The location is far away from everything, and the journey to the waves is ever longer. Expect an extended paddle over reef, and be prepared to get a few cuts and bruises. Sharks swarm the certain area, and large rocks are common place.