The Daily Diary Of A Winning Loser

The past few days were 4-star times: I managed the integrity of my calorie budget, I continued to be refined sugar-free, I met and exceeded my daily water goal, and I remained well connected with exceptional support. My daughter and her little family unit are all relocated. Her mom, Allen, and I helped clean their old place this morning.

They did most of the work, I have to admit and give them credit! I had been so pleased to listen to that their friends and KL’s brother helped them unload on the other end. I made my way to the studio, ready a good breakfast and accomplished a small amount of work.

We’re anticipating severe weather on-air coverage tonight, so I’m psychologically ready for that quick change whenever the storms start popping. Besides that, nothing too exciting here. It’s laundry day, Perhaps that’s exciting! Somewhere in the centre is where life lives. The pursuit, for me personally, is to that place.

Saying, “my identity and worth does not depend on the shape of my face, how big is my pants or the true quantity on the size,” is something, if not explored, could be easily said but still not applied. Truly believing it, embracing–and wrapping my mind around the epitome of self-love, cemented something inside me. Still, like the majority of everything, it isn’t perfect.

But it’s powerful enough, that rather than avoiding the reunion, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Flipping a lifetime perspective upside down doesn’t happen with out a little spillage of the marinade that seasoned me, as I discovered last night. I turned up the radio super as I drove the forty-two kilometers to my destination noisy.

I was fine right up until I pulled in to the parking great deal, mere steps from people I haven’t seen in what felt like forever. I down transformed the air, scanned the car parking lot, thought to myself: this is it and then I froze. I sat in the car looking blankly forward for what will need to have been five minutes. What was I looking forward to? Is it too late to now back again out?

  • 1/4 cup Fresh or Frozen Blueberries
  • Payment of fees for your physician, cosmetic surgeon and psychologist
  • Decreased power and/or capability to get around
  • Everyday Food
  • 19-21 1st St. cor. Gilmore, Brgy. Valencia, New Manila, Quezon City (near the Gilmore I.T

It got exchanging some supportive text messages with a friend plus some serious self-talk to get me out of the car. Body image/weight issues again? No, not at all, really. To better understand my mentality you must know the rest of the story. I never walked over the stage with these people. I trashed my senior high school academic career.

I’m self-educated, blessed with a divine gift of natural cleverness I’ve had my entire life. I’ve lived my entire life choosing and not choosing things on which to use myself. School never received my focus, except when Mr. West challenged me to use myself during the next nine-week grading period. 100%. The following nine-week grading period, I went to not nurturing back again. Despite my reluctance and mental noise outside the venue, Tonight I truly wanted to see these people.