THE WEB Energy Cliff

2, the reworking of our infrastructure and our way of living to become more gas efficient. This is apparently coming in the form of a major economic catastrophe. I dont know how anyone with a PhD could look at all the deflationary pushes at the job and conclude that essential oil is likely to be too expensive. Oil will not be expensive once 20 million SUV-driving energy-hogging yuppies lose their careers.

We could be looking at the best oil surplus in all of history. It really is up to the peak essential oil community to make sure that this surplus gets used in a logical way. If not, then the next economic expansion will put us right back to where we are now. You are going to destroy all your credibility if you keep framing oil in terms of dollar amounts.

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The price of oil is determined by monetary policy, not on how much is appearing out of the bottom or its EROI. Most of all, in all of history I see no evidence that humans can handle managing a downsloping source bell curve by any means other than a dieoff. So you will see a dieoff. Humanity will not change. The population only will be reduced until business as usual can continue.

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