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In CLEARING UP in a Dirty Business, bookkeeper and business owner Cora Schupp offers a straightforward solution for you to gain control of your job and boost your earnings. Cleaning companies can be very stable and profitable, and they require minimal start-up costs. About the Book: Leaving no part undusted, Schupp manuals you through everything you need to know about starting your own cleaning company-from how to land your first big client to employing the right personnel and marketing.

Sparkling with wit and encouragement, CLEARING UP combines useful advice with fun cartoons and Schupp’s personal tales, including common problems you may face as well as how to over- come them. An easy-to-follow action plan can help you break the barrier between dreaming and action-and tidy up when you’re done. As a bonus, you will receive free downloads of all the tem- plates you will need to start your small business, from budgets to cleaning checklists.

About the writer: Besides having raised a family, run two janitorial companies, and being self-employed doing bookkeeping and accounting currently, Cora Schupp is a published woman author. The book was written for individuals who want to begin their own business, and give them the given information and concentrate they need, from a person who had already achieved that goal. It really is part of Curve Communication’s “Learning Curve” Series.

Deborah Bailey: Glad you could drop by and talk about some details from your brand-new book. Of all First, is this publication helpful information for starting a janitorial business? Cora Schupp: Thanks for hosting me today, Deborah. Yes, it is written to help people who would like to begin their own business, and show how a janitorial company is a very good option. Deborah: That’s great. What offered you the theory to create a reserve to help others start this kind of business? Deborah: Any challenges on paper this book? Cora: Looking back, the actual writing was easy.

It was the re-writing and giving an answer to edits that got additional time than I understood. My advice is to not quit along the real way since it really does get more interesting. Don’t get worried about your spelling or grammar Also; that’s what the copy editors do. It is more important to keep your own tone of voice alive in your reserve.

  • Can create own dashboard and gain access to information from anywhere
  • Native Americans
  • Donations to business organizations
  • 100% remote control team, work from anywhere
  • Create brand and/or product recognition
  • Semiformal/Business Attire
  • OLAP is an online analytical control tool
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As Nike says, “Just take action! Deborah: Any tips to share with someone who wants to be published? Cora: Curve Communications Group Ltd. Copyediting, design and sociable press were their strong factors already. For those who still desire to be published, make sure they partner with a solid company who are able to help with all the details from start to finish.

Deborah: Being truly a article writer myself, I’m always interested in learning how other writers like to work. What’s your writing program? Cora: I’m still old school and prefer to keep a notebook and pen in my purse. EASILY am commuting or looking forward to an appointment, I write little anecdotes or records down as I think of them.