10 FACTS TO CONSIDER Before Leaving Your Church

In the buyer oriented culture in which we live, church shopping is all too common. I do think that there are legitimate reasons to leave a church, for example, if the church is becoming apostate, unlawful or immoral or is much longer faithful to the term of God no. Even in those situations is a proper Biblical way to leave there, Matthew 18:15-20 covers this.

If there are issues and you have done whatever you can do, tremble the dust of your move and feet on, departing them for God to cope with. Where can you do this if you did not have a chapel with an authorized oracle of God? It is Biblical to maintain a church. It really is un-Christian to be and one without a chapel with a guy of God alone, a prophet directing you.

His name there He is amid them – that is exactly what church is. God does not talk to Christians through middlemen , H e talks directly to indiviiduals. Others may confirm but a Christian will not do things on the term of a man but on the command of the Lord.

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Not on the term of the prophet either unless verified by God to the individual. I answered you being a Christian from the Word of God. I just realized You aren’t a Christian you gave me the mormon teaching so I assume you are one of these. And although your “church” allows their fake prophets to improve scripture GOD will not allow anyone to change HIS word, not even His prophets. I am challenging you on your interpretation and say that there surely is Biblical precedent that God intends for us to worship in churches as well as at home.

This means that for your interpretation to stand, the source must be provided by you of your power. You cannot either say the Bible, because unless you are a prophet you must interpret the scripture in by God. Where can you do this if you did not have a chapel with a certified oracle of God?

It is Biblical to be in a church. It really is un-Christian to be only and single with out a church with a guy of God, a prophet directing you. Sounds like you hear and understand God and His Word. There is such a significant need in the” cathedral” to understand and allow the Holy Spirit to maintain charge and lead all conferences.

The capability to breakdown this barrier is an important and much needed ministry. When the Holy Spirit is allowed complete control of conferences every need shall be met–every time. The meeting shall not follow a preset program, it could be all worship, all prayer, a teaching, a prophecy, and more or any combination of ministries. But No man knows all the concealed needs of those in the meeting but HE does. And when They are free to lead all needs are met,.

In other words scripture will be satisfied, these signals will be pursuing . Your “covering” is your OWN spouse. Your husbands “covering ” is Jesus. NO man has the right to take expert over every other man’s wife in reality adultery is rampant in the cathedral because of this lie. No girl has any business acting without her husbands authorization. Here is what scripture must say. Eph 5:22 22 Wives, submit to your own husbands, regarding the Lord.

23 For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is mind of the church; and He is the Savior of your body. The husband is the relative head of His Own wife only. The wife is at the mercy of her OWN husband only. All husbands are subject matter And then Christ. He could be our head.