1. This Blog COULD BE MORE Professional

Good night time, everyone, pleasant to the iBanker Nightly! 1. This website will be more professional. Main topics which i intend to cover will be investment banking and financial markets in general, their specifics in Japan, and business between Japan and Europe/Russia. 2. I hope this blog can be a place of discussions and knowledge sharing on the subjects metioned above.

3. Most certainly, the principal language of the blog shall be British, although content in Russian and Japanese will occasionally appear where relevant. First of all, investment banking can be an industry of notoriously long working hours, night so many content will appear later into the. Secondly, as I am in Japan, evening for the readers in the U my daytime posts will appear at.S.

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If you have watched Tennis tournaments before decade or even in the just concluded 2012 London Olympic then you will certainly believe that no one can beat Serena Williams, not even Maria Sharapova. Likewise, beating Woods on an awesome Sunday or otherwise is obviously impossible. Moreover, it is against all odds that any of us shall be a much better investor than Warren Buffet.

Nor could it be likely that people will one day brag of how early we got in and rode to success. Just because I can’t defeat Serena doesn’t suggest many years of practice, persistence and dedication won’t turn me into a good tennis player or that training how going to the bucket on a regular basis won’t improve my drive.

Similarly, the fact that you can’t match Buffet’s investment success or wealth doesn’t imply you shouldn’t follow his investment style – finding and buying the stocks of those great companies which are selling at lower price. Unfortunately, most investors think their life changing investment option will only come in through getting an early on venture in to the next Dell or Sun Microsystems. One final thing which holds prospecting traders from achieving their dream goals is a similar thing which should help them achieve it – hard work.

There is no source to estimate here, but I will be a liar if I’m to tell you that planning retirement or making any investment is easy. But you will have to commit yourself to this course and make trading important today. You may just recognize that it is much easier than it could have been. It is never too late to plan for your retirement or start any form of investment. The earlier you start the better. So start now when there is still time and work hard to make this investment count.