The Big Call W/ Bruce Intel Notes

The Big Call W/ Bruce Intel Notes 1

TRANSCRIBED BY PINKROSES (Thank you, PinkRoses. Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the best Call tonight. Let’s speak a little bit what is going on. Boy, last night today we’ve some information, Wednesday, afternoon and last night that was showing really definitively really that today was going to be our day for a start. I do not know precisely what transpired so that we don’t have it yet today.

Remember it is possible something can happen tonight or over night tonight to bring this to us. However, I am going to say there was some chatter that there might have been some shakeup with the Treasury so far as oversight of the redemption of Zim. 20 bills of our new money. 20s in the new USTNs.

Bruce: You say: What’s USTN again Bruce? It really is United States Treasury Note. Because that is what is written on the costs. That is why. No more Federal Exchange Note. I believe the President of what I noticed today is going to make an announcement either this Sunday or Monday about: We are no more in the same position with this US Dollar. Our USD is fully gone.

That will be announced and the USTN is taking its place. Either Weekend or Monday That is to be announced. On Sunday so everyone can get it at the bank on Monday It should be announced. That is just my estimation. It doesn’t mean it will happen. It appears like something is going to happen with this finally. Bruce: Now we do have a gold back dollar. We do have it gold under the new USTN back again. As our banks become Basel 4 and Basel 5 compliance and Basel 5 means they have sufficient reserves gold back currency on reserve to at completely of the amount that is in those accounts inside our names.

Bruce: Now in Europe last Monday was a Bank or investment company Holiday because the European Banks were becoming Basel 4 compliant. That is area of the reason nothing at all happened last Monday. Prior to that people had a holiday in China. Nothing happened over those 3 days, Friday, Saturday, Weekend Sunday last. Now, weekend appears to be always a different scenario this.

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We are receiving very positive information that means it is look like we could be looking at a fresh different situation around let’s say lunchtime or just thereafter tomorrow. There today We thought i would be. For reasons uknown we didn’t begin today. Nothing that people know of happened immediately for the groupings yet, the Core 30, for anything.

Bruce: We came to the conclusion and it wasn’t me that concluded this, but they came to the conclusion that no one in the groups gets paid maybe, the Core 30, anybody until this toll-free number is released. Therefore, we do get a true shotgun start. Where nobody first goes. Everybody simultaneously goes almost. Maybe that is what will grow to be.

I got my catcher’s mitt on and ready to obtain that fast pitch, that 95 mph fast ball, and kaboom, and get that information out as soon as possible just. I am all set. Bring it in here. I am hitting that catcher’s mitt softening it up for that catch.

I think it is time. It is thought by me is that close. Bruce: Let’s discuss this for a minute about a few of the Redemption Center for all of us procedures. We know when you enter, they need this to visit in 40 to 45 or 50 minutes. This isn’t a long slow process that it was thought by us would be.