Makeup For Black Dress

Makeup For Black Dress 1

Many women sometimes disregard that makeup is an item. Usually we worry about clothes is well combined with shoes, his wallet and jewelry without considering the makeup also influences the harmony of our look. For instance, if we use just a little black dress or black dress must follow certain guidelines for wearing black makeup. We teach two styles that are very cute and look flawlessly with a classic black dress. Still have not tried this technique fabulous eye makeup ? The smokey eyes or smoky eyes are the latest trend in makeup at night.

It contains a deep defined combined with attention shadows blur impact applied (it derives its name “smoky eyes”) and your final touch of two jackets of mascara. Although it is often made out of black shadow, the technique can be applied by you with other colors and the range of platinum, purple or blue France, which are also very cute.

All depend on how many other accessories that combine your dark dress. As desire to to highlight smokey eye look, it is right for the rest of your makeup as unobtrusive and natural as possible. Base, powder, blush and lip gloss peach or pink enough. Here you leave a video for you to practice the art. If instead of highlighting the look you want the focus to be your lips, because you have to vacation resort to the traditional lipstick then. And what better than the bold red lipstick! As in the last case, remember that less is more: if you use brightly colored lipstick, try the makeup of your eyes is really as light as possible. Base, natural powder, blush, eyeliner, smooth shadows and two coats of mascara is enough.

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  • Go for fabulously flawless epidermis, not piles of makeup

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