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There was an interview with Robert Shiller, Mr. Irrational Exuberance, talking about whether the bond market is in a bubble. This year You can find more of those tales. The CFA UK survey reported that three quarters of money managers surveyed believe the bond markets are overvalued. There is certainly little research that can offer evidence to support the view that people are in a bubble. This is actually the problem with any discussion of bubbles.

It is hard to tell apart between overvaluation and bubbles. Past models of bonds don’t appear to explain current behavior, but that is not the same as evidence of a bubble. Shiller does not commit to a bubble tale in the case of bonds. You can find few occasions when we have had a huge bond sell-offs and it is unlikely that conditions exist currently for a large rate reversal.

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Are there signals that people are in a relationship bubble? Unfortunately, the bond market does not seem to follow the usually pattern for a bubble. There is not strong enthusiasm because of this bond market. Money movement has moved into bond funds and foreign traders have bought US bonds but it has been more for safety over enthusiasm. There is certainly motion out of cash.

There is concern with stocks but there isn’t a love of bonds. A detailed go through the the different parts of nominal yields suggest that bond pricing is extended but certainly not at extremes. Expected inflation is below two percent and long-term growth also seems to be at the two percent level.

That indicate that long-term yields should be about four percent supposing no risk high quality. Measures of relationship risk payments are also close to zero. While there can arguments for yields being higher, current prices will not show produces at extremely stretched levels. Overvalue will not make a bubble. It may make bonds a bad investment but not a change in the hundreds of basis points. A component of bubbles is a psychological feedback loop that assist to push prices to greater extremes. Trends are reinforced with stories to justify the marketplace direction.

We have heard the “new normal” and “secular stagnation” stories gain traction, but the quantities seems to reinforce these tales that the post financial crisis period has been different, one of gradual inflation and growth. These whole stories do not seems to fit the opinions loop scenario. Additionally, foreign flows continue as money moves into the dollar as the united states rates are actually high by the standards of the EU and Japan. In fact, yield are greater than the 2012-213 intervals predicated on higher growth. Season Could there be considered a 100 bp rise in rates over another? Could we visit a 200 bps rise?

Both are possible and very consistent with an increased growth or greater risk premium story; however, this type or kind of rise, albeit large, would be small relative to what we have seen during other intervals of connection market sell-off. Bond risk is still a concern, however, not the frothy levels of a bubble.

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