Market Research & Analysis: 2019

Market Research & Analysis: 2019 1

The yen advanced against all 16 most-traded currencies tracked by Bloomberg by 8:14 a.m. NY. The buck gained versus 15. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index decreased the most in six days, losing just as much as 0.8 percent. Dubai’s equity index plunged 5.8 percent to a four-month low. The Dow Jones Stoxx 600 Index of European companies sank 0.6 percent. Futures on the typical & Poor’s 500 Index slipped 0.3 percent, day while gold dropped for another.

07 Dec 09: 14:32(LDN) – FX NOW! USD is firm still, though off its highs and equities again are creeping higher, but not higher. For AUD traders, there is little reason to become involved and they are not. Day traders are monitoring the action in AUD/USD to ensure the pre-US employment data intraday makes like collateral price action and product movement is relevant. Up to now, AUD/USD is smooth, however the big move appears to now be over for.

RBNZ announcement that strikes the cables at 20:00 gmt on Wed. 07 Dec 09: 13:35(LDN) – FX NOW! Canadian Building Permits for Oct surprised the marketplace by jumping 18% m/m compared with the 3,2% m/m increase seen in Sep (modified from 1.6% m/m). The real final result was much more powerful than 4Cast’s estimate of up 0.8% m/m. The bigger than anticipated number has been blamed on the hard to forecast and volatile non-residential sector.

Despite the surprising strength in the info, CAD’s response has been muted as sellers and investors continue to deal with Friday’s amazing power in both Canadian and US work results. 07 Dec 09: 13:05(LDN) – FX NOW! USD’s progress is occasionally interrupted or exaggerated by the spotty order stream seen up to now in the eurozone today.

The point is that USD continues to work its way higher and GBP is one of the currencies that is most susceptible to USD’s advance. Clearing banks and the normal covey of large sellers are generally credited with the movement in the market, though the order flows are nothing to speak of in size conditions.

07 Dec 09: 12:31(LDN) – FX NOW! As the move is not very impressive really, it is apparent that those FX deals going right through in the early hours of the N. American day/week remain biased toward buying USD. Up to now, while equity markets languish and commodities look vulnerable, the USD has been range bound since the eurozone open, day after increasing increases during the second option half of the Asian trading. Order flows are light, however they could be the only key to advertise direction as the market continues to look cynically at the “normal” USD to equity relationship that broke down, at least for the very short term, on Friday. 07 Dec 09: 11:54(LDN) – FX NOW!

While the FX marketplaces are starting the week completely centered on USD, it will probably be worth taking a look at key non-USD prices. In not a lot of turnover, JPY is ticking up vs USD and traveling of the rest of the market forward. Hear the “risk off” scenario seems to have a few pounds.

Working in the background is the market’s growing cynicism regarding the expected release of additional procedures by the BoJ. Expanded QE at the BoJ seems to be planned and it seems to be largely the bank’s reaction to pressure from the government to take action to give the economy a boost.

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So far the lack of news is tending to offset a tiny bit of the JPY decay that has come due to ongoing “jawboning” by Japanese federal government and BoJ officials. 07 Dec 09: 11:17(LDN) – FX NOW! The broad centered USD is continuing to climb. Market breadth and depth are usually limited on Mondays and today is no exception, but that’s not halting the USD from evolving.

While the “risk off” scenario that usually accompanies a rally in the USD has softened the collateral marketplaces, the impact it is having on yellow metal is a lot less subtle. You start with the USD rally in post work trading, on Mon of USD1136 have not been seen since 20 November platinum has tumbled and the intraday lows. So far today In the light trading seen, there is not much room for a turnaround in either the USD advance or the downside price adjustments in gold or commodities generally.