WordPress has more than a decade of development to look back again on in which it has been tested on millions of websites and sophisticated in the process. With a large number of talented, dedicated folks behind it, improvements, fixes and improvements come at a steady speed. Flexibility allows me to develop sites faster, meaning more of my time is targeted on design and user experience rather than programming and debugging.

The community has made it extendable, and therefore everything I could think of has been built already, which boosts development. WordPress capabilities 27.7% of the web, is used on over 54 million sites. It’s the most popular content management system with 58.8% market talk about (source). WordPress continued to be the fastest-growing CMS for the sixth year straight.

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Your biggest fear may be that you will choose a company to build a website, and then be held to ransom in the foreseeable future for changes and updates. I’ve noticed many horror tales along these relative lines. There are a few ongoing companies that use a proprietary CMS and can lock you into a restrictive contract, meaning you will not have the option of moving your website if you would like to. Getting your site built with WordPress means that any developer (not just the one that made your website) may take over the project at any time. WordPress has an enormous community of designers and users. This means that virtually everything you can think of has already been built for WordPress.

It is very rare to have things be developed from damage, which keeps the costs down. WordPress website directory. With numbers like that, it’s likely that good that whatever you will need for your website, a solution exists. But if it’s not, due to the openness of the platform, an experienced programmer will be able to develop a custom solution.

If your CMS can’t manage the number of your web pages or is taken to its legs at the first traffic surge, it’s really not suitable. So, is WordPress to the duty up? There’s plenty of evidence to the affirmative. The WordPress system can force anything from a simple sites to whole multisite networks. Scalability is also the reason some of the biggest names in online posting use WordPress including The New York Times, CNN, Microsoft and TechCrunch. If it’s good enough for them, it ought to be able to meet your needs.

Is WordPress Safe to Use? Security is a sensitive topic and, therefore, deserves to be discussed in greater detail. No CMS, including WordPress, is or can ever be completely safe. If you’re operating on the Internet, you are always exposing yourself to individuals who want to harm your website for their own gain and are at risk of being hacked.