Four Factors Influence Social Media Reach Of Public Health Tweets, Study Says

Dolores Albarracin, a professor of psychology at Illinois, a co-author of the scholarly study and the director of the Social Action Lab. The researchers sampled more than 20,000 HIV-related tweets posted between 2010-17 from 37 HIV experts. Potential predictors of message retransmission were determined based on prior machine-learning and literature methods, and were subsequently analyzed.

The findings were similar for communications authored by HIV experts as well as messages retransmitted by experts but created by nonexperts – for example, celebrities, thought or politicians market leaders which range from Rihanna to Bill Gates. Messages that linked to an external website tended to get fewer retweets, which may appear surprising until one considers that, with the character limits on Twitter, many tweets with links function as “teasers” rather than full-fledged messages, Lohmann said. More hashtags also were sometimes associated with higher retweet matters, based on the paper. The study has bigger implications for public health promotions, said Albarracin, also a teacher of business administration with the Gies College of Business. Albarracin and Lohmann’s co-authors are Man-pui Sally Chan, Bo Li, Alex Morales, Benjamin X. White, Chengxiang Zhai and Zhen Zuo, all the University of Illinois.

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