Where Legal Analysis Drives Investment Value

I have taken an introductory take a look at ResCap, now trading in the form of a liquidating trust (RESCU), using a top/down analysis in my own last post. I suppose the audience has some familiarity with RESCU, its litigation program and the nature of the investment opportunity, which will probably leave the reader uncertain concerning whether RESCU is an investment long or short. Let me add to this uncertainty by posing the next two questions.

1. The Piggyback Argument. 2. The No-Haircut Argument. The Piggyback Argument and the No-Haircut Argument, if pursued successfully, would afford RESCU the opportunity to assert claims and recover problems in an aggregate amount well above what many investors presently contemplate to be accessible to RESCU. This court authorization to use your client guide strong-arm provision makes RESCU’s litigation program more than likely to be successfully conducted, with the majority of the defendant correspondent bank or investment company defenses limited by pre-trial motions that are not more likely to prevail.

But I question if investors and, indeed, RESCU itself is underestimating the potential reach of the client guide strong-arm provision. Let’s first distinguish between your pursuing two types of R/W breaches: loan-level R/Ws and transaction-level R/Ws. If a loan-level R/W is breached with respect to a loan, RESCU is eligible for recover damages incurred regarding the that non-conforming loan. 250 million (since only fifty percent of the loans that incurred a loss can be thought to are also subject to a loan-level R/W breach).

  • 3100 of them
  • Financial Strength
  • Allocation of resources, i.e., financial intermediation
  • Can do incomplete withdrawal for Emergency
  • Manufacturing/ industry
  • 19 Anglo American 1,112 1,161 1,055 4.4 -9.2 4.9 £245

If a transaction-level R/W is breached regarding financing, that loan may be looked at to provide rise to a damage recovery even if the average person loan-level R/Ws made out of respect compared to that loan never have been breached. Now, there are numerous loan-level R/Ws contained in the client guide, with each such R/W made out of respect to each home mortgage independently.

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