And As YOU MAY Below See

A few months ago, I made a decision to embark on a project skillet to consume or hit the pan of several makeup items. My goal was to complete 12 products before Christmas/the last end of 2018. And as you will below see, I not only hit that goal, but I surpassed it! I used up/hit the pan of 19 makeup products! In this post, I’ll walk through every one of the products I consumed and discuss easily anticipate repurchasing or not.

As you can view with this filthy pan, I achieved my goal of finishing the setting powder. The natural powder developed hard pan, which made it difficult to use, therefore i had a need to repress it to eliminate the hard skillet and present myself an even pan again. Once I repressed the powder, it was much less densely packed, which meant which i found more product with my brush. While I liked the product and I believe it does a good job of keeping the true face matte, with the loosened product, I found that it left a white solid on my face and make me look really powdery.

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This didn’t happen until I repressed the product, which, again, was difficult to use before repressing generally. I can’t stand to keep several powder in my collection at a time, which means this product has been replaced by me with the Hourglass Veil translucent natural powder. So far, I like that one. Generally, I find that I prefer my powder bronzer (Hourglass Luminous Bronze Light), so while I intend to use up the product, I doubt I am going to repurchase. This may be the only powder blush I’ve hit the pan of ever, and the only reason I have is probable because I must use a lot product just to get any color payoff.

I do like the color of this blush, but Tarte is not just a brand that I want to support. I’m sick and tired of how non-inclusive the brand is, and until that changes, I don’t want to purchase anything for them. I don’t know if Exposed will stick around in my collection long enough for me to consume the entire thing, but if it can, I will not repurchase. I have a whole lot of highlighters in my own collection, but this is one of my favorites. I’m not a huge fan of the twist packaging or the swirl design, but I really love the product.

It has a duochrome finish off, and I find it will last on my skin than many mid-range or high-end products much longer. I don’t hear a lot of individuals discuss this, but it’s certainly a product that I love. This is only the second highlighter that I’ve ever hit the skillet of, and the other is Becca Moonstone, which is my all-time favorite. WHEN I finished my Dim Light powder this past year, I immediately changed it with that one. I love this product.

I utilize it as an all over finishing natural powder, and I find that I simply don’t like my makeup without it. I’ll continue steadily to repurchase and love this product. I am usually an enormous proponent of “do not use a product that you hate just to finish it,” but an exemption was created by me for both of these foundations.

In an attempt to discover a more inclusive foundation to support (we will get into this more within the next product), I purchased both of these foundations. Independently, I hated both of these. Mixed together, These were hated by me less. The worst offender of the two was The Healthy Foundation. This looked so dried out on my pores and skin, and I’ve combination pores and skin. The coverage was very thin, and while I don’t like full-coverage foundations, that one didn’t even seen to be able to provide an even layer of coverage at all.

The shade I purchased was also too light for my complexion. Perfect, on the other hand, was way too full coverage for me, and the shade I purchased was too dark. I was able to mix each of them for shade and coverage/texture together, and while that was much better than on their own either, it still wasn’t great.