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State Senator Cathy Young, R-Olean, month is stepping down from the Legislature next. In a news release, Cornell University announced she’s been named director of the New York State Center for Food and Agriculture. “It had been an extremely challenging decision to leave my service in the brand new York State Senate because I care so deeply about individuals and issues facing my district,” Young said. The Republican said she grew up on a dairy products farm and understands firsthand the issues the food and agriculture industry encounters.

“I am excited to keep making a difference in this new and improved statewide capacity,” Young said. She’s been a known person in the state Senate since 2005. The 57th district covers Allegany, Cattaraugus, Portions and Chautauqua of Livingston County. Young was the first woman to serve as the chair of the influential Senate Finance Committee. She also offered in the Assembly for six years and the Cattaraugus County Legislature prior to that. Young previously served as seat of the condition Senate Agricultural Committee also. However, she was absent from GOP leadership this program conspicuously.

You might go about this by concentrating on posting quality content so your social media followers grow gradually. Or you might want to use Facebook or Twitter ads to reach more people in a shorter time. R is perfect for Relationships. Follower numbers only don’t mean much. Your audience must be engaged and proactive if you’re eventually going to be able to sell to them.

Build interactions with your fans. I is for Inbound Traffic. Followers and followers on social media are great — but you need those people to also visit your website if you are going to make any sales. S is for Public and Subscribers Retargeting. Now that people are visiting your website, you want to reduce them don’t. 70% of site visitors won’t revisit your site, and that means you want to fully capture them when you have their attention! Set up a compelling email membership freebie and persuade visitors to subscribe to your email list when they have enjoyed your articles.

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Use Facebook pixels and other tracking apps to create retargeting ads and that means you can try to recapture individuals who have visited your site without signing up. M is perfect for Monetization. That’s where you need to set up sales funnels to guide your email clients to become paying customers. I hope now you have a much better understanding about how to use Twitter to grow your business, traffic and sales. All of the Twitter tips in this article will help you make your way through the PRISM framework and increase the profitability of your brand.

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I recently left my tech job with a plan of finding a fresh challenge. In the brief time I was a free agent, I got a small number of email messages from friends, acquaintances, and intros about signing up for them on a new venture. Several those converted into meals and coffees. All of them were people looking because of their “tech co-founder”.