BPMN For Analysts Training Course

The course is aimed at teaching the useful knowledge and learning BPMN modeling skills at the Intermediate and Advanced levels. The ideal participant is a business analyst training, meaning the individual discovering, identifying, gathering and analyzing consumer requirements to the machine. The advanced computer application developers and system architects interested in the prospect of creating business processes, system and custom drivers.

Just the Facts Probably the most basic tool in your marketing arsenal is a press package. Think of it as a ongoing company introduction and overview. Use it to introduce your business to the media and also to potential investors and employees. Post a copy on your website. Your kit should be current, accurate, and should include: company figures (years in business, variety of employees, locations, sales figures, client list), history, owners/shareholders bios and photographs, a press release, contact list, and a resume cover letter. Peter, with all his peppers, would be proud.

Fiori Launchpad hosts multiple Fiori apps for confirmed person. If I’m a sales rep, then I could have approvals, accounts, and a lot of other activities. If users are employing Fiori, they will want new features too, and the ones new features have a sell-on, but only when people are using Fiori. Get customers on it, and get the account team directly into sell-on.

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Compared to the strategic value and income opportunities for moving customers onto HANA and offering additional user licenses, charging existing customers for Fiori is chump change. In summary, charging for Fiori is a big mistake for two reasons. First, it annoys customers, who need to see more value in SAP’s maintenance program.

True, it is improbable that any single customer is going to migrate away from SAP due to the fact SAP is charging for Fiori. But SAP’s mentioned plan reinforces the belief that there surely is very little value in SAP’s maintenance program. SAP’s most recently quarterly results show that SAP’s primary business–sales of its Business Suite–are shrinking. SAP, therefore, should be doing everything it can to keep carefully the customers it already has. Second, SAP used already provides Fiori when it is part of a more substantial deal away.

How can SAP favorably motivate customers to go to SAP’s innovation stack (HANA, Fiori, Hana Business Cloud, etc.). That’s where the good stuff shall happen. Why isn’t SAP bundling these three things together like the services to get customers there? Why doesn’t SAP take a few of the risk up front to keep its relevance?

Taking it a step further, if Fiori is area of the key to moving customers onto SAP’s latest technology stack, sAP should by paying customers to consider Fiori perhaps, than charging them for it rather. The payment could be in the form of the moderate credit toward new user licenses or HANA licenses. Or, as Appleby proposes, a discounted bundle of products and implementation services. Such a program would generate much good will among SAP’s installed base and would further SAP’s larger product strategy. Exactly what does this mean for SAP customers?