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In the first paragraph below, I point to sites or bloggers that list all Canadian REITs or position of Canadian REITs. In the next paragraph I point to bloggers or sites that talk about where to hold REITs. Most favour TFSA or RRSP accounts. I follow 11 Real and REITs Property companies as the following.

Calloway Real Estate Inv. H & R Real Estate Inv. The blogger Passive Income Earner has a summary of all Canadian REITs on his site. Another blogger has Avrex Money has positioned Canadian REITs. This Globe and Mail article by Peter Ashton under Number Cruncher talks about looking for the Outstanding Canadian REITs. The blogger of Canadian Finance Blog discusses adding REITs to your portfolio. He thinks that it might be best to hold REITs in your TFSA.

The Blogger MY VERY OWN Advisor talks about what type dividend stock he helps to keep in each of his accounts and includes REITs. This blog is meant for educational purposes only, and it is not to provide investment advice. Before making any investment decision, you should always do your own research or seek advice from an investment professional. I do research for my own edification and I am willing to talk about. I write what I think and I might or might not be correct. See my site for an index to these blog entries and for stocks followed. Follow me on Twitter.

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If all income has been reported, check sales volume activities you have observed against the daily records throughout your “Due Diligence” to see if the quantity corresponds from what was reported this past year in the same month. 1,per day 000, you need to discover why. Some smart buyers sit down in the business all day, watch the sales and observe the activities of the staff.

This works if the seller is not gaining a full fledge production scams for you the buyer. How does a seller defraud a buyer on current sales activity levels? Sellers who keep poor records or no information, many times, suggest the customer doing a 15-day visible inspection. This can help but it’s very dangerous to rely exclusively on physical inspections by itself because owner can still defraud the buyer. This is actually the most famous of the stories I have noticed over the years.

Seller is the owner of a dry cleanser. Owner and buyer have opened escrow and the offer is subject to a 15-day physical observation period. The buyer be wanted by The seller doesnt to find out that business volume is very slow. They bring in the clothing, get it cleaned, pick it up and pay for it.

Later the business owner meets the customers and reimburses most of them for the cost of their dried out cleaning. The day after escrow closes everything that business traffic halts. Think it happens never? The same will additionally apply to restaurants. Seller tells all his friends to bring all of their friends in for a free food. Customers pay the bill plus some time or at home later, the business owner reimburses all the customers for the cost of their meals. Determine how many hours the seller works really.

You are buying money stream predicated on a known amount of hours of work. Make certain the seller isnt working 80 hours and telling you he could be only working 40 hours, week per. I had formed an absentee fast food owner tell the buyers and me that he worked part time – 5 hours per week. Closer inspection demonstrated he was working 25 hours per week. One auto repair seller, well call him Bob, said he never was at the business enterprise, because he previously a second regular job. Inspection found he was working 30 hours a week (4 plus hours night every, and 8 hours on Saturdays).

Get a summary of functions that the seller does. Is one of these bookkeeping? Sometimes the wife does the written books in your free time which is never said. Again you may find the owner does the bookkeeping, at home, every evening, for an extra hour. In an auto repair shop, you might find the owner is doing car body repair work, individually, on Saturdays, which is work that you, as a buyer, won’t have the ability to duplicate. You need to be certain you understand how to do every job function that owner does or learn them.