HOW EXACTLY TO Create Website On IIS In Windows Server 2019 R2

You can either build your own server if you have knowledge, skill & most good budget to maintain it significantly, else there are numerous good hosting providers out there who help you with good hosting. You can use Bluehost discount Coupons if you are planning to web host your site on cloud and not on-premises.

1. When you set up IIS on Windows server 2012 R2, it produce a default site. To check the default site of IIS, click on Start then select Internet Explorer and type http://server-name (Server-name is the name of Computer on which you have installed IIS) then hit Enter and you’ll get the default page. 2. Web designers are responsible to create website but also for this practical, we’ll create a straightforward web page.

To build a webpage open up Notepad and type content and then save it as Dot HTML (.html) file. We’d not learn HTML in this practical, as it is out of scope for this post. 3. To produce website, open up IIS window, select start then select down arrow and select Internet Information Service icon. 4. In the IIS console, we have to stop the default site by simply clicking stop.

5. To produce website on IIS right select sites and then choose Add website. 6. To generate website, Define the true name, physical path and bindings like Kind of sites(http or https), IP address and Port of the web site. In “IP Address” option, you can also select an IP address on which this site is needed by one to run. Select Ok to keep. 7. We’ll get a caution message that interface:80 is designated to another site and we’ll not be able to start our website that’s why we must confirm to include this duplicate binding by clicking on YES.

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This wouldn’t normally break anything as we already disabled “Default Website”. 8. On IIS Manager window we can see our website is established. 9. Open WEB BROWSER to browse our site which we have created. 10. Type server name (http://servername) in address club and strike enter. This might show the web page that people created. Similarly now you can gain access to this from some other server.

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