We’re Normally Not Big Resort People

That’s where we are! Playa del Carmen, Mexico, south of Cancun to be exact. The travel proceeded to go well really. No bottles, diapers, strollers, or baby gear- each kid just brought a backpack, kindle, plus some snacks and we were all set. Personally i think like depends upon is our oyster. 229/each, so times that difference by 5 and I didn’t mind the stop a lot.

Each trip was exactly 2 hours and traditions was extremely swift and effective. We’re staying at the Paradisus Playa del Carmen- La Esmerelda. I selected this resort since it gained Travel & Leisure’s Top 5 Family Resorts of the entire year last year and Tripadvisor supported T&L’s review. And now we’re here! We’re normally not big holiday resort people.

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I’ve lived in Texas for 26 years and never gone to Mexico, so it’s a first for all of us and for your final, easy, end-of-year vacay, an all-inclusive fun-filled resort appeared the thing just. And it’s really been fabulous. Just enough for everyone to do without feeling as an overrun cruise ship or the nagging feeling that we should be doing more than we are.

By far the best decision we (I) made was opting for the swim-up collection. I do a complete great deal of research on our rooms whenever we holiday. I’m an awful sleeper and room layout is vitally important if you ask me. My two ironclad rules are (1) I sleep in the same bed as my husband and (2) I don’t rest in the same room with my children.

Our room must be completely individual, with a shutting door, and my room needs to be able to be pitch black. And despite some very unclear website explanations, this one suits the bill! James and I’ve our very own room that connects to the toilet. Our room and the bathroom also each connect to the primary room with kitchenette, pull out queen couch bed, and crib.

Both the main room and our bedroom open out to the swim-up patio, so at night we can completely shut down the kids and still have full usage of the veranda and bathroom. Whenever your kids go to sleep at 8 p.m. I’m sitting outside on the veranda with my foot up right now while James swims laps.

But the “swim-up” is the best benefit of the collection. Our deck has steps right down the pool, with our own little lounge chair and tables built-in the water, so that means we never have to finish off anything to get to the pool. No getting up early to reserve cabanas or chairs.

No forgetting something back the room. We just wake up, lounge on the patio, watching the small children leap in and play in water. Water is the pools is pretty cold (freezing, really, I have yet to put much more than a toe in because it makes my jacuzzi jealous), however the young kids are Adoring it.

They’re never been to a resort such as this, so they’re still freaking out on the slides and private pools and swim-up bars with unlimited strawberry mango smoothies. Someday we’ll take them to Disney World and their heads will explode. Cora is as intrepid just. She dives right in water each morning and falls every slide and swims every minute the best kids do. She actually is getting the best time, even if she still believes fruits is gross and becomes her nose up at all the smoothie offers.

10 p.m. each day. We’ve also spent a lot of time on the beach. Cora, after rejecting fine sand the whole time we were in Jamaica, has made a decision it is her FAVORITE and wants to try out in it all night. Type of like her dramatic love story with wedding cake. Today we took a short walk down the beach to get the cenote our concierge told us about.