The Beginning Farmer

That is the name of a recent article by Brent Preston who runs an organic farm with his wife in Canada. What is so striking about this brief but powerful article is that it is completely contrary of the other articles about small-scale farming which have been making the rounds on interpersonal media over the past year.

Thankfully Mr. Preston has taken a while to respond and he could be offering a different picture of the small-scale farming landscape, one that Personally i think is a bit more representative of the reality. The statement that Obviously, “small farmers are doing just fine” paints a pretty broad stroke and there are farms out there that are struggling or having tough patches.

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But, the reality is that we now have always some businesses (remember farming is a business) battling or attempting to draw themselves out of a hole. A struggling restaurateur could have easily written an article titled, “What nobody explained about the restaurant business: I can’t make a living”. Thankfully Mr. Preston took amount of time in his article to share some of the “common elements” that he has noticed on successful farms over time. I could not have said them better! What do you think about the latest installment of the, “how are small-scale farms” doing genre? Were you urged by the writing of Mr. Preston or deflated because even the success that he had written about appeared difficult to acquire?

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