How Can I Make My Computer Run Faster AND PREVENT It Crashing?

How Can I Make My Computer Run Faster AND PREVENT It Crashing? 1

What can a regular computer owner do to his / her PC to stop slow or windows 7 performance? Is there a fix to your computers unusually slow operation? The following are some tips that can help fix a computers slow performance. 1 It is highly advisable that you delete unneeded data files or applications that eat a lot of space in your hard drive. Remember that a computer has limited capacity. In cases like this any applications that are constantly operating in background need to be removed since it’ll consume a lot of storage as well as hard disk drive space and cause your personal computer to perform slowly. By freeing space in your computer you are optimizing your computers performance.

2 Many people take for granted the necessity to clean their computer systems registry or do not know about it. Most are unaware of its use. A computers registry serves as a control center. It also acts as a storage of all the information that your personal computer needs in order to run various applications. Without the registry your computer will not be able to perform essential tasks and may fail totally.

Some of these tasks will be the following. Running complex software applications, controlling history pictures and keeping desktop configurations and shortcuts. The registry is responsible for making these things work. If you encounter slow windows XP performance it is very possible that your personal computer registry is corrupted or even damaged and this must be fixed.

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Your computer makes constant use of registry files. This is very apparent when your computer processes gradually even the easiest of tasks like that of opening a website. To repair your computer systems registry problem you should employ a registry scanning device and cleaner. This will remove mistakes or any kinds of file corruption and can repair any damages in the registry. 3 Another real way to repair your computer systems slow performance is through the use of an antivirus software.

This will check your complete system and look for viruses, adware, spyware and malware. It will also eradicate them in your system to guarantee that it’s not infected anymore. There are free downloadable antivirus programs that you an install in your personal computer easily. Additionally it is far better avoid downloading files online that came from dubious sites. Practice extreme caution in every online job that you do and you will no more have to put up with slow windows XP performance.

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