Marketing Your Own Perfume

Why be limited to Facebook? Although they might not consciously be aware of it, this craze has discouraged small business owners from using websites to market their goods and services and instead have considered Facebook. Two big anti-www issues are the cost of creating a website built and the expense of preserving it. But promoting without a website is limiting, despite having a Facebook web page. Facebook doesn’t have the reach.

It’s a walled in community and, in spite of initiatives to make it an ongoing business getter, for users it is more public than commercial still. In the year 2016 But can you build a simple web page? This week I conducted an experiment to find out what would happen if I set up a website using minimalist coding. Articles was written by me about creating a website with code so simple that anyone could do it.

  • Take a glance at the quantity to ensure it was not turned down too low
  • Driving Conversions
  • … have vulnerable, “me-centric” messaging
  • Under “Use As Homepage:”, switch to “YES”

To get this to a useful test, A picture was added by me and e-commerce capability, still using “year 2000” coding. It is possible to order a reserve from this web page and it will be sent to you, electronically, immediately. Left out were a few lines of code browsers look for and that ought to have been area of the page. But I wanted to see what would happen if I really trimmed the code down.

One thing more. I wanted this web page to show properly across all systems, including smartphones. I needed nothing to be lost beyond the width of the screen. View my the web page with both a desktop and a mobile. The design is basic by today’s standards but by Google criteria it shines. I ran it through the Vary SEO tool and the page won factors for launching with lightning acceleration, even though it long was quite. It was also credited for being OK for mobile although on mobile the text was small.

My simple test showed that you can, by yourself, design a website that will display across all systems and all you need to take action is a handful of html tags. You’ve got Facebook using its nice templates that make your stuff look good. However in Facebook you’re operating behind a wall structure. For someone to see your stuff they need to have a Facebook accounts. Most social friends will.

Potential customers may not or, if they’re, might not find you when looking for what you offer. Unless you are a local business in a small community just, Google and Bing will bring you business far. But for Bing and Google to find you and your business you will need a website.