Sub And Subdomains Directories Or WEBPAGES Simplified

What is a subdomain? That is a question that I struggled to totally understand the answer to once i first started out making money online. It is also a question that I get asked frequently by others which i am dealing with. Firstly, there are two means of adding content to a website. I want to have a product about sticker spaniel picture taking therefore i would create a fresh page in my html editor (KompoZer for example) and I’d call this page picture taking.html.

The.html on the final end specifies the type of file. That is known as a website page and it is an extension simply, or an add-on of your primary website. All I have done in place is to add another page to my main page (website). If you wished Now, you could create a sub-domain instead.

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To do this, you would log into your hosting accounts, look for sub-domains and create a new folder called photography. PLEASE NOTE – there is NO www with subdomains. This is because subdomains are not stand alone websites but are, as the name suggests, part of a main domain. With your main domain name, you can set up as many subdomains as you desire normally.

All you would do every time is to log into your cpanel, look for the icon for subdomains, click upon that and develop a subdomain of your choice. Which One Should I Use? My own choice on subdomains vs. I prefer the convenience of subdirectories for most of my content usually.

A subdomain can be useful to split up out content that is completely different. I have a tendency to avoid using subdomains for the easy reason that I’d like people to remember the name of my main website without detracting from this. Likely to the sample website name I used previous back, I’d want ‘’ to be easy for people to remember. When I wish to promote something associated with this Hence, I would opt for a new page or sub index so my product name would appear at the end of my main website name.

That is exactly what I want them to remember and I am not limiting myself to the types of products I can offer. There are no links in this specific article that participate in, or are associated with the editor in virtually any real way. They have been chosen to include value to the explanation simply.