This Is My First “non-static” Website

If this question isn’t in compliance with r/webdev guidelines, or if there is a far more appropriate sub to post this question to (or a sub that I could repost the same question to obtain additional reactions), please i want to know. If I’m using the incorrect terminology anywhere, please right me.

I’m using the term “moderator” below as someone that has the ability to edit the website content. If I need to post multiple times to split up this post into multiple questions, please i want to know. Apologies if the question is chaos, I don’t know enough to ask it succinctly.

If this post is comparable to previous content, links to previous posts are appreciated. I’m from Down Under and work extended hours, so apologies if my responses to responses are delayed and come at odd hours. I’m a beginner/hobbyist – trying to get this done for philanthropic purposes. That is my first “non-static” website.

Some details which have been placed into a moderator-input data source. Some details that have been fetched from exterior websites. E.g. A graphic of the Product, the current Product price, a ranking from an exterior website. E.g. a rating out of 10 predicated on the recognition of the Product web page. Some details predicated on inputs from users of the web site.

  • Society of Graphic Fine Art
  • Cookie Notice
  • Expand where it says other device in the right side pane
  • It tells a story that naturally moves from the headline
  • Repo is an abstract idea
  • 100% Content Managed Website
  • Southwest Airlines: “We are the low-fare flight.”

E.g. A consumer rating, user responses (to allow them to comment on the Product and provide advice to one another about the Product). I’ve included a sketch of the layout of the details below. Ignore the notes in the sketch. I want to be able to mass-produce Product webpages for the above mentioned website, where in fact the formatting is general for every Product Page, however the page Details are Product-specific. How do you do this, or what do I have to learn to be able to do this? References to guides etc. would be much appreciated. I’ve learned the raw essentials of HTML5, CSS, Bash, JS, & Python, and learned how to create a webpage via GitHub.

Last coded 4 weeks back again and it feels like I’ve forgotten everything! Despite learning the basics of the, I truthfully don’t feel any nearer to a solution. Researched the fundamentals of what it takes to produce and sponsor a website. I learnt to build up and post a straightforward enough, static website to GitHub. However, my assumptions are wrong more than not often.