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Here’s how everything started. Miami-Dade County was the first county in the nation to move a rules against companies who steal worker wages. The Wage Theft Ordinance policy is to eliminate and stop wage theft. I mean, nobody supports employers who steal income, do they? Wrong-o. In steps the Florida Retail Federation. First, they try to get the GOP-run legislature to complete a laws prohibiting counties and cities from passing income theft ordinances.

It actually exceeded the Florida House, however the Senate acquired better sense than to turn out in favor of having their constituents’ income stolen. What’s a big-industry group to do? Sue, of course. Fortunately, an area judge tossed the suit, saying counties be capable of prohibit wage robbery if they need. The sad fact is that lots of employers, at least in my neck of the guitar of the woods, are failing to pay their employees.

Some employees are led on for weeks as the company gets further and additional behind, with guarantees that they will catch up. Some are never paid their last few investigations simply. Some don’t get their last check when they leave. It’s robbery, plain and simple. Big companies who provide products and services and don’t receives a commission cry theft and fraud and generate the lawyers.

If employees leave with one extra pen or paperclip, the police arrive at their homes. Why shouldn’t their workers be able to do the same when they aren’t paid? Wage theft should be a offense nationwide. If sleazy employers aren’t scared of the Department of Labor, maybe they’ll pay up when the neighborhood sheriff comes knocking.

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