Sims 3 Tutorials

Edit: 11/19/2013 – Fixed the keyboard settings for inverting a selection. Disclaimer: I probably have horrible grammar. Also, this is one way I retexture hair just. It might not be the best or most perfect way, nevertheless, you asked how I really do it so goes here. Welcome to my tutorial (as requested) on retexturing hairs for The Sims 3. This may work for The Sims 2 also, but I really cannot swear that because I have no idea.

First things first is we’ll need a few things, so gather your materials and let’s begin! Note: Though this tutorial is all about retexturing hair, I’ll let you know all the steps required for extracting/updating/saving/cloning. This is because most people have never used these programs and might only need them for these purposes.

Leave no man in back of, right? First of all, we’ll need s3oc to ensure our projects are unique so that individuals could have multiple versions in their game if they wished to. So download that and set it up and move on to second step then. Next what you will need is the s3pe.

This is what we will use to displace the textures/CAS thumbnail. Now, you can do this with TSRW, but it usually won’t enable you to replace the specular and which makes my hairs look odd for reasons uknown. Now you’re going to need a kind of image editor. You will also need a DDS plugin for your program, so search for that, I don’t know where in fact the Gimp one is, but the you can be found by you for Photoshop here.

  1. Operating Margin2. Debt/EBITDA2. Non-cash Working Capital as % of Revenue
  2. Encourage employees to share about themselves
  3. A page about what you write
  4. Use the USB wire that was included with your device, or a different Apple USB cable
  5. Use large and noticeable call-to-action buttons
  6. Edit the “/etc/default/tftpd-hpa” document
  7. Save it and it is done

You’re also have to textures and a control. I am using Pooklet’s textures, I just edited out the glimmer. You’ll find Pooklet’s textures here. But you can use any texture you want, make, or have. It’s all your decision! You will also need a control, I use Anubis’ control found here.

Last but not least you will most probably need Delphy’s multi extractor. That’s what you’ll need to follow this tutorial, but I’ll let you know something that may make carrying out a little easier. Usually you can get internet browser extensions (stainless- or firefox, Idk about IE) called something similar to, hoverzoom or something of that nature.

It helps it be easier because you can just mouse on the pics and it’ll make it bigger. If not you can just click to make them bigger. Okay, let’s get started. The hair I’ll use for this tutorial is that one. You should use the same someone to follow along if you want, so you’ll know you’re on a single web page as I am.

Also that tumblr has a lot of the hairs free of charge so bookmark that because it’ll become a very valuable resource for you as a locks retexturer. Make a folder on your table, name it something, doesn’t matter what. You are able to name it I LOVE EGGS if you want, I’m naming mine locks tutorial.

First question is; is your hair in a sims3pack? Note: Now this particular hair (from that website) is for adult females only, but the same things apply to all the ages/genders, so that it should be easy to do them without a tutorial. Open Delphy’s multi extractor, from now on to be referred to as DME.