The Daily Diary Of AN ABSOLUTE Loser

Today: I taken care of the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained enhanced sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, and I remained well linked with great support. Ran out of your time tonight! First of all, you determine what’s reasonable. Once you specify the most critical elements of your plan boundaries- and you’ve decided they’re doable on a typical day- then you make what I call an iron-clad decision.

It’s a promise to you from you, to provide this element a non-negotiable stance come what may. Think of it as a boulder in a stream. Life is the rushing water. No matter how fast that drinking water rushes, the boulder isn’t moving. The boulder isn’t sacrificed or jeopardized. No choice is got by drinking water, but to make its way around it- and it does. And the boulder in the stream stands strong. On a deeper level, this creates growth/development in the areas, like coping skills- it grows growth in learning what good accountability and support skills are about.

The more consistency you get, the greater you’ll persuade yourself that it is possible to keep up your plan in the toughest of that time period. And that’s the theory, a plan, not just a diet. You’re developing a plan that takes care of the thing you need. In honoring your plan, you’ll spot the side-effect of consistent weight reduction.

This is what Dr. Lerner (Transformation Planet Podcast Episode 7) means when he speaks of the concentrate NOT being truly a diet, but rather, a food plan you can live with indefinitely. And it can still have the boundaries you need to feel satisfied. When you reach maintenance mode and boost your calorie consumption Especially. But again, it’s all about the daily plan–and not all about the numbers on the scale. If you take care of your daily plan the weight loss will come.

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How important are your non-negotiable elements? It is the consistent maintenance of what you’re prepared to establish as non-negotiable that creates growth, and in that–a natural evolution of you unfolds. Think once more about the boulder in the stream. The boulder stands strong against the current and since it does, the stream evolves–changes course, grows and with the present of time, builds up different canyons and pathways. If the boulder simply moved taken care of every time water came rushing–the stream could have a less strenuous path–one of least resistance. In the road of least resistance, nothing changes.

No development, no canyons. I’ve often discussed the consequences of keeping non-negotiables. The only path our diet develops/evolves as time passes is by keeping the integrity of the plan. All growth, all of our positive progress–it all depends upon our willingness to create, accept and accept certain non-negotiable components of our plan. Determining what’s reasonable is VERY important. In case your non-negotiable is extreme, doesn’t fit what you naturally like–is excessively restrictive and monumentally demanding, it’ll be an awful experience.