What Is YOUR JOB Vision AND JUST WHY Is This Choice Meaningful To You?

HBS: What’s your career vision and why is this choice meaningful to you? This post is on the forth of the four “Question 3” questions for the Harvard Business School MBA Application for Fall 2009 Admission. You need to answer two out of four of these relevant questions. 3-4.What’s your career eyesight and just why is this choice meaningful to you? While I believe it’s important that the MBA Admissions Board know very well what motivates you, I don’t believe that you necessarily have to answer this question to tell them that.

While many candidates are likely to want to answer this question, if you’d like to create yourself from the pack aside, don’t take action unless your answer is actually very compelling. The reason they managed to get optional is because they don’t really want to learn standard obligatory goals essays. This has been part of craze at HBS which began when they stopped requesting about why candidates want to wait there.

I think they decided that asking that particular “Why HBS?” question had not been interesting and probably not helpful in selecting who necessarily succeed at HBS sufficiently. As I’ve mentioned in my own post on Strategy, it is possible to communicate your own future professional and educational goals in another essay question.

At a strategic application level, You are recommended by me still is going through the procedure of examining your goals in fine detail. Chances are high that if you’re interviewed by HBS quite, you shall be asked about your targets. Hence, having essays that account for your goals even indirectly or in limited detail is an important part of having an overall application strategy.

Click here for the Businessweek MBA ROI calculator. Click for a GMAC statement on MBA ROI here. To best view the next table, select it. Next, evaluate your current talents and weaknesses for being successful in your current profession. REMEMBER: IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS DON’T ONLY CONSIDER WORK, CONSIDER OTHER ASPECTS OF YOUR DAILY LIFE.

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What skills, knowledge, and other resources should you close the gap in the middle of your present and future obligations, strengths, and opportunities? Step 4 4. After completing Step 3 3, you now need to regulate how an MBA shall add value to you. It’s possible an increased salary because of this of job change will be sufficient “ROI” for the degree to justify itself, nevertheless, you should show how a level shall allow you to reach your job goals. How will the degree improve your opportunities and skills and help you conquer your weaknesses and exterior dangers?

If you can complete Step 4 4, then you should be ready to clarify what your goals are, why you want a degree, and the relationship between your former and future career, as well as your weaknesses and advantages. If you find out about HBS, you are ready to write about your targets, whether in Question 3-4 or elsewhere in the essay set.