HOW TO BEGIN A Successful Freelance Writing Career

As you almost certainly know, editorial is a seasonal business — and we are going to go to the sluggish season. The Workflow Cycle of The Editorial Industry: During the summer months, very little happens. Again in September and that always can last through the center of December It accumulates. Through January are pretty slow Mid-December.

Then, again in February and can last through May/early June it picks up. Ahh, the pleasures of downtime. The telephone is not ringing, your inbox is not filled with projects to be completed and you’ve had a pretty good 12 months. BUT, it’s what you do throughout a “lull” that can make or break your freelance income.

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Constantly Keeping You in the Know! About Freelancing Internationally: Wondering What It’s Like? Complacency eliminates – sales, inspiration, development – you name it! You will find things you should be doing during off-peak times to ensure income through the busy periods. Outlined below are three areas that you ought to be paying particular focus on before you relax during off-peak times.

1. Inventory: What services sold? Can you increase/reduce services to raised meet client needs? Can/should you increase your offerings with the addition of complementary services? Can you add products (t-shirts, mugs, notice pads, etc.) to boost your income? Given that you involve some time, take stock of what worked well, what didn’t and what you can do about any of it. Examine prices, work systems, products offerings, etc. The effort you expend can add exponentially to your bottom line over time.

2. Advertising/Marketing: Unless you have a marketing budget, is time for you to devise one now. If you do have one, then you know that it requires constant tweaking. Now’s the perfect time to grab sales charts and see: What ads worked? Which medium (papers, postcards, sales characters, Internet advertisements, etc.) produced more real sales and/or produced more leads? What was the cost per sale/business lead from each medium? Which ad programs in the event you broaden, cut, explore more?

What partnerships is it possible to form with like businesses? Just how much does it cost? You should be pre-paying for as much ad space as you can also. Advertising during peak periods and/or at the last minute can be expensive. So, plan just as much as you can ahead. You’ll be better in a position to track your advertisements and make smarter financial choices than if you wait before last minute. Your cash will go further because ad takers are more likely to offer discounts if you pay early — and completely.