Slowdown Of Economy Is Taking Toll On VC Business

7.8 billion committed to the previous one fourth. First-quarter US investment totals were the tiniest since the fourth quarter of 2006, according to the report prepared by the Thomson Reuters research house and the PricewaterhouseCoopers accounting company for the National Venture Capital Association. Nina Saberi, managing general partner for Castile Ventures, a Waltham venture capital firm. She cited an inhospitable weather for initial public offerings and a tougher market for acquisitions, two routes for cashing out of investments. 7 billion-plus level seen in each of the previous five quarters as opportunity capitalists put money to work funding innovative companies.

At least a few of the decline were seasonal. Investment totals are usually most affordable in the first one fourth and highest in the second and fourth quarters, said John S. Taylor, vice leader of research at the venture association. Taylor said. Still, the trend downward was clearly. There have been 922 financing deals in the quarter nationally, down from 1, year 045 in the fourth quarter of last.

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There were 108 offers in New England, down from 118. Eleven of the 16 industry sectors tracked in the MoneyTree report drew fewer dollars, and 14 of the 16 saw fewer funding deals. 1.27 billion moving into 126 offers. 1.26 billion financing 234 deals. But outlays for both sectors, along with industrial and energy, clean technology, and Internet-specific investments, all tumbled from fourth-quarter levels. Two industries that drew higher project outlays in the first one fourth were semiconductors and medical equipment. Funding for early- and late-stage companies dropped in the first quarter, though funding increased for expansion-stage companies.

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Shorting Treasuries (and sovereign debt) should be considered a Sure Bet. There’s this Lurking Financial Fragility concern Yet, the Elephant on the market. So, the bigger global Bubbles inflate, the greater the systemic vulnerability to increasing market produces (among other things). Yet the more vulnerable risk market Bubbles become to trouble the higher the safe haven bet – and the greater downward pressure on market yields. Low yields then work to spur speculation and surplus Artificially, exacerbating global Bubbles and associated fragilities.

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