Brilliant Farmgirl’s Beauty Secrets

Brilliant Farmgirl's Beauty Secrets 1

Mineral makeup’s growing recognition has been counterbalanced by some of its shortcomings. While mineral makeup is certainly more natural and simple in its ingredients, it is messier to use and its own high physical sunscreen content often causes the makeup to look solid, “kabuki-like” and chalky when worn. Some of the more well-known mineral brands, such as Bare Minerals, contain an ingredient that causes itchiness and irritation called bismuth oxychloride.

Once you have knowledge on it, mineral makeup is not difficult to figure out. It’s basically a concentrated version of regular makeup without the emollients, waxes and filler ingredients. Here are some guidelines to follow if you’re venturing out to the world of mineral makeup. Read the ingredients and ALWAYS avoid bismuth oxychloride. In the event that you still itch after avoiding bismuth oxychloride, you might be mica-sensitive. Contact me if you need recommendations. I’m always looking for mica-free nutrients! Use minerals that aren’t “micronized” or “nano-particles”. While they’re not advertised always, they are to be avoided and a reputable brand can provide this given information.

My top 3 brands of non-micronized minerals are Larenim Minerals (they make pressed minerals too!), Barefaced Minerals and DreamWorld Minerals. Avoid food-type elements, the most common are rice starch and corn starch. Good mineral sunscreens tend to have a lighter-colored finish from the natural physical sunscreen titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide. In order to avoid looking too pale or pasty, make sure the color you choose is not too light. Minerals are easy to use.

  • 20-30 drops of your preferred essential oil. Lavender or Grapefruit are good shower choices
  • It is OK to require a female or male therapist, if that is clearly a concern
  • Anti-Ageing (18)
  • You’re not utilizing a powder
  • Make Your Own Lip Gloss
  • Apply this paste for varicose veins and let it stay overnight
  • Get chemicals, greases, and other chemicals on your hands
  • This process can be repeated daily in the night for softer and smoother hands

Forget the buffing, lightly dust face with a thin layer of minerals and build up with additional thin layers if you want extra coverage. Use a small taklon brush for a high-coverage concealing effect. If you need a liquid makeup, blend a little amount w/ 2 pumps of your preferred moisturizer.

Some people get oilier while putting on mineral makeup. This is because of the natural physical sunscreen and the actual fact that we now have less filler elements to block and absorb extra oils. If you’re putting on mineral makeup, I believe that putting on something natural is important for you. If that’s the situation, blot with powder-free blotting bedding and know that you’re doing something best for your skin regularly.

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