My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss

My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss 1

This post really doesn’t have anything regarding my weight loss journey. 65MD and I are getting into a mini challenge and I wish to record it. Since I have 4 email accounts and two blogs I really did not want to start a different one for such a short time period. I’ll continue to post about my weight reduction journey here as well as for the next thirty days sprinkle in a post about this new endeavor. During the month of June The hubs and I have made a decision to fast from grocery shopping.

The catalyst being we’d a food drive at church recently and we loaded two grocery bags with very good food without going to the store. Two people don’t need to have that much food inside your home. I started to wonder about the gluttony from it even if it wasn’t eaten. I was ashamed, in a way, because I was offering of my large quantity. 65MD and I are by no means wealthy.

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We live in your income which is greater than a lot of people are able to do. This fast may not impact our eating habits, since we’ve a lot of food in the house still. We have a garden with asparagus and lettuce right now. Green coffee beans will enough follow soon. We are using that for our fresh produce. We have plenty of a variety of meat frozen. We won’t go starving because of it.

We might find ourselves eating meals of unusual combinations. We will likely eat meals that aren’t our first choice since that one item may be eliminated. That’s what I’d like. When we run out of something, we can do without it until July 1. I’d like us to feel a little of a pinch and know that others live like this all of the time. I question this will be life changing but I really do think at least for a season we will have our recognition raised. And, I believe this will be a fascinating time for us. I’m excited for what we might learn.

Kombucha packages a punch using its healthful properties. Between detoxifying enzymes and bacterial acids plus an acid recognized to prevent cancers, kombucha serves a bunch of ailments. Glucosamines present in kombucha help prevent treat and joint disease symptoms as well. Your gut will also appreciate the probiotics in this drink since it’s grown from a nutrient-rich colony of bacteria and yeast.

Probiotics alleviate immune system issues and promote healthy digestion. They also reduce candida overgrowth by repairing balance to your internal systems and eliminating adverse symptoms. By regularly drinking kombucha, as the probiotic tea Food Renegade suggests, you’re delivering key nutrition to your digestive system. Vitamins, enzymes, and acids give your system a lift.

Check out their post, and scroll to underneath for a downloadable guide on how to make a batch of kombucha tea. You can reuse the “mother” colony of bacterias and fungus to keep making more tea. Add flavors to fit your preference, or combine kombucha tea with spices and fruits for digestive and flavor benefits.