Disease Without Borders

Issues like environment change, economic turmoil, natural disasters and disease outbreaks do not stop at nationwide edges, compelling open public health officials, academics and researchers to think differently about how to address wide-ranging human health challenges. Keith Pezzoli, PhD, UC NORTH PARK Section of director and Communication of the Urban Studies and Planning Program.

In border towns, health risks are normal on both comparative sides of the boundary. Inside a related paper, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on Sept. 15, Pezzoli, Al-Delaimy and Larsen looked at the impact of the surroundings on residents of Tijuana’s rapidly urbanizing settlement called Los Laureles Canyon. This is the first large level analysis evaluating the ongoing health of this people.

Al-Delaimy, who was simply the principal investigator on the scholarly study. For instance, the ecological health of the Tijuana River Estuary in NORTH PARK County is dependent upon what goes on in the Tijuana River Basin. Toxins in upstream soils can contaminate rain runoff from Los Laureles Canyon, which drains north to the U eventually.S.

To achieve an interconnected healthy bioregion, the researchers said open public medical researchers need trained in global health diplomacy and cooperation. In addition, universities, through programs like the UC NORTH PARK Superfund Research Center, must integrate community engagement and preliminary research translation through a cross-border approach. Creating sustainable and resilient neighborhoods, even across national borders, is possible by fostering investment in natural resources, rooted institutions and livelihoods, they said.

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And it doesn’t pay to buy longer-term CDs. Fixed income gets trickier. Bond investors have liked quite a trip since last fall: Yields have fallen while prices have climbed, producing profits for traders all along the curve. That party could end, however. Short-term bonds have rallied so much that the Fed would have to cut rates quite aggressively to generate more price gains, says Pearkes.