10 Windows Apps To Install On A FRESH Computer

Whenever you buy yourself a fresh Windows PC, you almost certainly find yourself downloading a whole bunch of apps that you love. There is an easy way to set up multiple apps in a single click on Windows, which we use if we review laptops and other times we get our practical a fresh laptop.

However, once in awhile the Internet throws up excellent apps that even we’d never heard about. One such thread on Reddit threw up some unknown gems relatively, so we made a decision to compile a list of apps you should set up when you get a fresh Windows PC. This includes our favourites and some apps we found out because of Reddit. Clover adds tabs to Windows explorer. E), it’ll open up a new tab just like one in your web browser instead of a new window. It prevents you from starting a whole bunch of Explorer windows and makes it very easy to change between them. You begin using Clover Once, you’ll question why Windows doesn’t have this feature by default.

If you’re sick and tired of how long it requires Windows to find things you seek out, you should try Everything. It’s a lightweight file search application that takes in regards to a minute to index all your data files and then instantly throws up whatever you seek out. It can this simply by indexing file names and it cannot search items of data files.

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It doesn’t hog much drive space or system resources, which is a large plus. Windows can open and draw out zip files, but if you want to open up rar documents or other archives, you should download 7zip. It’s a free app that is really as good as Winrar. 7zip will also let you produce a compressed archive in case you will need to release some space on your computer. We have written about the best free MP3 players for Windows.

MusicBee is an excellent music player that most people will be happy with. However, Foobar2000 is still the best application for minimalists. VLC media player is a free application that will play pretty much any media file you throw at it. It can handle both music and movies. It includes seamless support for subtitles, and even files with dual audio (to change languages).

It is definitely our favourite media player and is one of the first apps we set up on any new PC. We’ve discussed the best free and paid antivirus apps for Windows and Bitdefender Internet Security is among our top picks. If a PC has already been infected, you might get Malwarebytes, which we’ve written about earlier. IrfanView is a light-weight, powerful image editing tool Devices 360 staff members love yet.