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As you’ve been reading on Tuesdays for weeks now, I continued a business trip to Tokyo. It concluded using what I am sure will go down as history among the most memorable experiences of my entire life: a air travel back, via Hong Kong, on Cathay Pacific, First Class.

The start of my epic journey started at the Haneda airport terminal. I was happy to take a flight out of Haneda, as it is much closer to Tokyo than Narita, and, much, much smaller. While there wasn’t much to do once I acquired through security, I appreciated the known truth that there have been no lines to check on in, no lines for security, and it was all a relatively relaxed experience. After poking around the very few shops quickly, I headed to the the JAL Sakura Lounge. Unfortunately, the high grade lounge was closed for reconstruction, and Cathay Pacific shares the JAL lounge.

My only other evaluation point for JAL lounges is the one in SF, which is unimpressive ridiculously, therefore the Haneda one was a pleasant shock. It still wasn’t actually the calibre I’d expect from the lounge of the flagship operator of the airport terminal, but like I said, Haneda is a little airport, and I’m not sure JAL has First Class plane tickets out of there even.

I think there have been showers, but I didn’t check them out. Bathrooms enough were nice, but standard. Window counter seating, desk seating. I was stuck by what size the lounge was, particularly for the small airport. It wasn’t even remotely full. There were many seats options. Counters along the screen with viewing regions of the runways, all with power jacks.

Tables, mostly for 2, with assorted types of chairs. Softer seating of couches and armchairs took up the rest of the main area, along with space for workstations, and a big section considered the “quiet area”, not that it anywhere was noisy. At the entrance was a bar, but there is yet another bar area with the meals station, which I went to explore, even though I wasn’t that hungry.

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The food place was quite large, particularly compared with the SF one. It got a unusual assortment of food rather. I had been particularly surprised that it didn’t have onigiri, as the SF one did, and this seemed to be the most typical snack food all over Tokyo. I had been getting excited about having one last one!

Starting at one end were steamers full of rice, with toppings like pickles and ume. And sushi rolls … but beef sushi only. Unusual items to jointly have grouped! I guess they all go in bowls? Then there have been strange hot dishes that I couldn’t identify at all. Honestly, no idea what they were.

Next, cold steamed vegetables. I tried the winter squash, since I love squash. It was well cooked I assume, but just squash. Another station was a little more familiar if you ask me, with dressings and salads. Most impressive were the salads. I put one with hijiki seaweed, coffee beans, and some vegetables.